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Discussion in 'EULAlyzer Forum' started by javacool, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    I'm always interested in the ideas you folks have, so please feel free to leave any suggestions or wishlists you have here.

    I'll take a look at them for the next version of EULAlyzer.

    [Note: If you discover any bugs in EULAlyzer 1.0 that have not been reported elsewhere in this forum, please start a new thread. This thread is for suggestions only.]

    Thanks! :cool:

  2. lappen

    lappen Spyware Fighter

    I would like to be able to name the saved EULAs so I know what program they are from
  3. Hi there.
    Could the pro ver. block installations (or give you the option to) if something is found? maybe give it some customizable "rules" to follow,like if an "exact" match is found to certain key words (user defined ones aswell) then you tick one of the boxes... "block this installation" "ask user" etc.

  4. linx05

    linx05 Registered Member

    When you drag the cross-hair over to a window (or a program in the taskbar) it brings it to the front/activates it.

    This would be a very worthy addition because then I wouldn't have to drag the EULAlyzer window all the way to the side to use the cross-hair.
  5. j_shot

    j_shot Guest

    It would be nice if there was some way to identify each of the saved EULAs. There seems to be an ID# assigned to each EULA when it is saved. If this or a user-defined name could be displayed when displaying the list of saved EULAs it would be very helpful.
  6. MikeBCda

    MikeBCda Registered Member

    I realize that this is often far more work than the program itself -- but how about Help and/or a tutorial? I just got EULAlyzer today, and was more than a little surprised to see neither Help nor "About" in its menu.

    There's always here (the forum), of course -- but Help should usually be the starting point.
  7. CountyRep

    CountyRep Guest

    Interesting product. Is there a way to include specific things to look for in an agreement. We must check things like venue, recurring costs, unilateral changes to agrements, indemnity language, onsite services, limitations of liability, cost limits, etc. Right now we have a policy but a tool like this that looked for things covered by our policy could help users be compliant.
  8. Jay Levitt

    Jay Levitt Guest

    I think this is a great program, but I really wish EULAlyzer would detect the difference between "an application is shutting down EULAlyzer" and "the entire system is restarting"; it's annoying to have to click another dialog while restarting or shutting down.
  9. kuba

    kuba Registered Member

    How about being able to double-click what it finds?
    Maybe a real-time protection option, something that will trigger EULA when you're installing a program?
    Something as stated above, so that you don't have to drag the window to one side of the screen.
    Being able to save anything it find as a document/txt or word file.
    Otherwise, great idea.
  10. ScottyG

    ScottyG Guest

    Make web beacons an interesting phrase

    Whilst running the Yahoo Privacy Policy ( thru the -Lyzer today, I noticed offhand that it missed "web beacons" as an interesting phrase when looking at one of the others it had picked out. Certainly something folks should be aware of, esp. considering how much it's been discussed in other parts of this forum, IMHO...

    Great program idea, Javacool-meister....keep up the good work! :)
  11. kuba

    kuba Registered Member

    Scotty what's a web beacon?
    Also, re:Yahoo, when doing a custom install and unchecking everything except the messenger itself, Yahoo somehow still insists on putting a toolbar in IE. Which MS' spyware caught and I blocked it.
    It pi$$ed me off because I unchecked the toolbar option and it still wanted to put one in.
    Sorta off topic but have to watch Yahoo's tricky garbage.:mad:
  12. seamaiden

    seamaiden Registered Member

    Web bugs, Web beacons, Cookies, Referrers, Private Headers
    Someone asked what a web beacon is. Here is something about web bugs (web beacons) from the help file for ZoneAlarm Pro."Prevents advertisers from finding out which advertisements and Web pages you have viewed."

    EulaLyzer should be able to pick up on "web bugs" and "web beacons". It should also pick up on "cookies" as well as "session cookies", "third party cookies", "third-party cookies", "referrer", "private header" and similar terms. It needs to recognize both singular, plural, posessive, and other forms of a term so it will pick up all instances. Some terms are written in different ways: one word, a hyphenated word, two words.

    Search feature should search entire document, not just Flagged Text (Analysis Results), for your search terms
    After you analyze a EULA, you can type some text into the Search Text box at the bottom righthand corner of the window. EulaLyzer will scan the document, but I think it only scans the Flagged Text (Analysis Results) for your terms, not the entire document. The Search feature needs to be on the first window as well, before you scan the document, so it will scan the whole document and not just Flagged Text (Analysis Results) for your search terms.

    Ctrl+A to 'Select All' text in the Analyze box
    CTRL+A doesn't even work to select all text in the box so it can be deleted by pressing the Delete key. I have to manually select and scroll down to clear the box each time I want to scan or paste a new agreement! What a hassle!

    Clear button (or New button) to clear the Analyze box
    Another VITAL feature that is needed is a CLEAR button (or New button) to clear the Analyze box so we can put a new agreement in there.

    Open, Edit, Rename, Copy, and Delete saved EULAs
    EulaLyzer seems to use the first line in the EULA as the title of that EULA. What I have to do currently is paste the EULA to a text file and then type the name of my choice, so I know which EULA goes with which program, web site, etc.; otherwise, many of them could be called 'Terms and Conditions' or 'End User License Agreement' or 'License'. In the Saved EULAs area, we cannot open, rename, copy or delete the EULAs. The saved EULAs are saved as .esf files, which cannot be opened by notepad/metapad. The documents appear with o_O?? characters when you try to.

    Open and export saved EULAs as plain text files
    We need to be able to open the saved EULAs and export them as text files. In Settings, there should be an option whether to use DOS text, Unicode text, UNIX text, UNIX text (Big Endian), or rich text to accommodate users of different operating systems.

    Setting for user to manually specify the text editor(s) of their choice to open, view, and edit saved EULAs
    There needs to be a method to view these EULAs by launching the text editor of your choice. Better yet, let the user have option to choose between 2 or 3 different text editors. In the Settings area, let the user specify different text editors that they can launch. Examples include Notepad, Metapad, Wordpad, and Microsoft Word. The user can browse to the path of the editor and type in a name they want to appear in the context menu for that editor. This is similar to how the Firefox extension called View Source With works.

    User can rightclick on a saved EULA and choose from a menu which editor they want to use to open the EULA. Also in that same context menu should be an option to submit that EULA to the EULA Research Center.

    Sort saved EULAs by name or by date saved by clicking on the column header
    It would be nice to change the sort order of the saved EULAs by clicking on the column header. Then we could sort by name (text snipper) or date saved. User should be able to change this any time.
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  13. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Thanks - this will be looked at for a future release. :)

    The search feature actually does scan the whole document, and not just the analysis results. (Do you have a case where it seems to miss something? If so, please start a new thread about it and I'll be happy to look into it.)

    I'll certainly look into adding support for CTRL+A. For the time-being, there is a right-click menu option for "Select All" which should be helpful.

    Custom names for saved EULAs is a feature request that has come up before, and is on the to-do list. :)

    As for opening and deleting Saved EULAs - you can do that by clicking on either of the two icons to the right of each EULA name (the one that looks like a document with a magnifying glass will open the Saved EULA to be analyzed, and the red X will prompt you to delete it).

    If you click the icon to the right of a Saved EULA, to open it, you can right-click to Select All and then Copy/Paste.

    In regard to making this process easier for that particular purpose, I'll see what I can do. :)

    Some good suggestions that I will definitely look into as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to post, and keep watching for future releases! :)

    Best regards,

  14. seamaiden

    seamaiden Registered Member

    Please at least add the ability to sort the saved EULAs alphabetically. When there are many agreements saved, it takes forever to find the one I want because they're not sorted by name.
  15. NOD32 user

    NOD32 user Registered Member

    I would like to see EULAyzer pick on sections like this:-
    Cheers :)
  16. CaspaB

    CaspaB Registered Member

    It took me so long to subscribe, I lost the train of thought I had, re EULAlyser (damn Alzheimer's) Oh yes, it was to do with posting phrases or paragraphs found in EULAs to EULAlyser as keywords/phrases to analyse. At the moment only the whole is able to be sent.

    The phrase I spotted was in CounterSpy and had to do with not guaranteeing to meet users performance expectations. btw having just installed an evaluation copy of CounterSpy, I now can't find its EULA.

    Anyway the main point is about sending short phrases found in EULAs to EULAlyser. Can it be done?
  17. iNsuRRecTioN

    iNsuRRecTioN Registered Member


    1. work/cooperate with the guys from

    2. If not already possible, then integrate check for german EULA's (Lizenzbestimmungen) :D

    3. Make special discounts/offers from time to time, like on halloween for cheap Pro license (and/or lifetime updates/upgrades..^^) (for me 10 USD would be ok, but 20 USD is too much..sorry :p )
    (1 year of updates isn't that much, should at least be 3 or 5 years..)

    4. Multilanguage interface (and for Spywareblaster, too :p )

    best regards,

  18. 3Z Duzzit

    3Z Duzzit Registered Member

    Thanks for making 'Lyzer available -- it's a great concept! FWIW, another way to do the above is to activate the text area (by click or keyboard), hit ctrl-home, and ctrl-shift-end. It's more complicated than ctrl-A, but for keyboarders it's the only way for the moment. ;)

    Got a few more suggestions for keywords or phrases to flag: "no commercial use" (doesn't usually matter, but it's good to be aware of), "activation" (especially for software, as opposed to EULAs regarding accounts or things more conventionally activated, maybe in close proximity to "Internet" or "online"), and "automatic" near "check", "update", "upgrade", and similar terms. It's a quick way to flag software that feels the need to phone home, although I realize "without notice" is already caught. :)
  19. BanksiaParrot

    BanksiaParrot Registered Member

    Here's a gem to look out for:

    ...Publish or provide any results of reviews or tests, including without limitation benchmark tests, run on the Software without OmniG Software's prior written consent."

    (Found on a free PDA game distributed by Microsoft)

    So I can only tell people what I think of the software before I've used it!
  20. Olorin

    Olorin Registered Member

    First of all: Great Job! I think this programm has a very high potential :)

    I just stumpled over it today and i really enjoyed the idea behind the programm.
    The only problem for me is that I'm german and most programms i use have german EULA's.
    I already read some statements about embedding multiple languages in the programm.

    The main point here for me is that I did'nt found out which words your programm is looking for.
    My idea was to somehow make it possible to use "word lists" for scanning EULA's.
    These could be in various languages and also be edited by the user for his personal purpose.
    I actually don't know how you implemented your programm but it should not be too hard to get the "list" feature in.

    The next point is to get some "main" lists (e.g. on for each language) online (maybe on this board) so they can be actualised by every user (less work for you and probably a more complete list)

    (I hope you could follow my thoughts this far and I excuse for my bad english being a pathetic english writer as german is my first language :rolleyes: )

    PS: don't hesitate to email me if you have a question to the ideas (i often forget to look up the forums i posted in): tms_87[at]
  21. Biscuit

    Biscuit Registered Member

    Some suggestions

    I'm using v1.2 running in Vista32.

    I'd like to see you earn some money out of this, as it stands, the software doesn't make it obvious what is the advantage for going to the Pro version. As far as I am concerned, a memory resident option is a negative point.

    While copying an EULA & dragging the + sign over the text, the EULAlyzer window is always in the way. Therefore I always have to drag windows around to be able to see it. Would it be possible to have EULAlyzer automatically minimize the moment you click on the +?

    When saving an analyzed EULA, can you use the software title as the description text instead of the first line of the licence? Otherwise, we just get a long meaningless list of titles like "User License agreement - Corporate edition".
  22. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    The EULA-Watch component is pretty neat in that it only uses less than 1 MB or so of RAM (on average) and essentially 0% cpu (it doesn't need to poll in the background). On almost any machine, it should be entirely unnoticable - that is, until you attempt to install a program and it leaps into action with immediate EULA analysis results. :)

    There are also more features coming, however, and I will certainly condense and clarify the Pro benefits information.

    This is a much requested feature, and it is indeed planned for a future release. :cool:

    Although an option to change the name is not available when saving a EULA, version 1.2 added the ability to change an already-saved EULA's name by right-clicking on the item in the My Saved EULAs list.

    Best regards,

  23. Biscuit

    Biscuit Registered Member

    That's great thanks. Maybe an option for a future Pro version? I have only about 6 EULA's saved, but even now I can't figure out what a few of them are for! Also if you click to view the EULA, there's then no "back" option to go to the EULA saved list. Not a huge issue, I know. :cool:
  24. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    Maybe already requested: possibility to save an EULA and if not online, keep it in a list like "to upload", so i can share the EULA with you anyway, next time i go online. Just like the link to check for updates, put one more that states how many EULAs are to be uploaded. Clicking would upload them obviously.

    Today i installed a FW, and since i disconnected for obvious reasons, saved the EULA, but didn't upload.
  25. nowshining

    nowshining Registered Member

    Portable version of this and of your other free/donation products.. please...