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Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by geko, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. geko

    geko Registered Member

    Hi there.

    I want some information about uninstalling ESET products.

    I know Norton has a removal tool to clean any leftovers of the program, I know Kaspersky has a removal tool too and other security software companies.

    Now, what about ESET products??

    Does this exist?? Or the cleaning up has to be manualo_O
    If it exists, where can I find it??

  2. Kosak

    Kosak Registered Member


    Eset hasn't got uninstaller for ESS/NOD now. I think that problems with uninstallation haven't got big expansion. ESS/NOD has got only few services and running processes so there is smaller chance to crash.
  3. Stijnson

    Stijnson Registered Member

  4. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

  5. Dieselman

    Dieselman Registered Member

  6. geko

    geko Registered Member

    Why do the dutch have a removal tool and not everyone else??

    Anyone know if this removal tool works for everyoneo_O

    How come there is no sticky theme with manual instructions to remove ESET products?? From what I've experienced every security software has eventually problems removing itself and don't make me talk about leftovers. I'll just put an example, Norton...:eek:

    P.S.: By the way, just to see the importance of this kind of tool, just look at the views for this theme. If I were ESET I would start thinking in creating it right away.

  7. Dieselman

    Dieselman Registered Member

    Look at my reply. Its free and does more then just remove NOD32.
  8. ThunderZ

    ThunderZ Registered Member

    Do you by chance have a link to the site instead of a direct download link. Thanks.
  9. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    The official removal tool for cases when uninstallation fails is provided by Microsoft. MSI is not a format developed by ESET so you need to use tools provided by Microsoft or another vendor whose product serves for that purpose. We're really not going to invent the wheel again.
  10. Zombini

    Zombini Registered Member

    Dang thats a weak excuse for not building one. Most companies use MSI including Norton and yet they provided a removal tool. Btw.. why DOES NOD32 require a removal tool I though their removal was perfect
  11. geko

    geko Registered Member

    Thanks Dieselman. I already use "Your Uninstaller!".

    I just wanted some information.

    Nothing is perfect.
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