ESET Mobile Security for Android v0.X.X Public Beta 2 released

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  1. Eryan

    Eryan Eset Staff Account


    ESET Mobile Security for Android Beta 3 is now available to the public for testing and feedback.

    Below is a changelog for version 0.16.0:
    • Fix: Issue with force closing when new SMS is received
    Below is a changelog for version 0.15.0.

    • Antivirus - scanning of downloaded apps when On-Access scanner was turned off
    • Antispam - Adding contacts to Antispam list
    • Antitheft - Adding numbers to Trusted SIM cards list
    • Antitheft - Adding contacts to Alert Recipients list
    • GUI - Displaying of dialog boxes on Samsung ACE and on devices with the same screen size
    • GUI - Back button navigation in Antispam
    • GUI - Bug on Lock Screen on Tablets
    • GUI - Blinking of On-Access scanner notifications
    The following is a list of key new features and enhancements:
    • New mobile feedback form
    • Support for CDMA devices added
    Supports the following versions:
    • Android 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)
    • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
    • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
    For more information and to download the product, please visit the ESET Mobile Security for Android beta page.
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  2. Nchaka

    Nchaka Registered Member

    Is there going to be a version for android 3.1 honeycomb available? I would like to use it on my Xoom.
  3. dsi-ap

    dsi-ap Registered Member

    Is there a lightlyhood seing this ported tot he iPhone already.
    I like the feature sin this beta version inc. the tracking + new SIM inserted alert.
  4. dmaasland

    dmaasland Registered Member

    No. Apple will not allow anything realtime.
  5. Dizzee

    Dizzee Registered Member

    I have tried
    #RC# LP (and PL) password
    and it has not locked my phone? or sent the gps
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