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Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by Kapiti, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Change Log
    The following are new features and updates in EAZ-FIX v8.1:

    -A new and enhanced drive image feature replacing the snapshot backup feature in EAZ-FIX v8.0.
    -A new drive image explore feature that allows users to open a drive image file as virtual drive to recover files.
    -A new feature to dismount virtual drives created for drive image files.
    -A new media builder feature that allows users to create bootable CD/DVD or ISO files to restore drive image files.
    -A new drive image restore program based on Linux Live CD.
    -A new feature for dynamically customizing and loading program interface in other language using a XML file.
    -Expanded snapshot loading buffer. This greatly improved the speed of auto restore. For example, in v8.0 restore a PC by scheduled task - restore at restart - might take 10 seconds. In v8.1, it only takes 3 seconds.
    -Compressed current snapshot table to improve system boot up time and system performance (Our internal test reveals 15-40% of performance gain).
    -Compressed archiving snapshot tables to improve the performance of exploring a snapshot and snapshot defragment.
    -Added a post-rollback file recovery wizard that prompts user to restore latest data file after rollback to a previous snapshot.
    -Added a program setting to set the aforementioned post-rollback file recovery wizard.
    -Improved program logs buffer. In v8.0 when users have a lot of logs, clicking on Event logs could take a while for the program to respond. In v8.1, event logs opens instantly.
    -Added “Restart Now” or “Restore later” options to the program activation process. If user chooses “Restart later”, EAZ-FIX subsystem will be activated during next restart.
    -Added “Set system security” user access rights.
    -Changed the product ID to a shorter all-digits based product ID to better support non-English speaking customers.
    -Modified EAZ-FIX to auto-detect proxy server settings if the software connects to a remote management console thru a proxy server.
    -Added a log file, netmsg.txt, to track product activation related issues.
    -Added a log file, client.dll.log, to track problems related to connecting EAZ--FIX to a remote management console.
    -Reduced snapshot table’s delay write from 3 minutes to 1 minutes to improve system boot up time.
    -Change the time format on the Uninstall screen from DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY.
  3. TonyW

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    Isn't this like RollBack Rx 8.1 though?
  4. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Yes, looks like.
  5. huntnyc

    huntnyc Registered Member

    I don't even see where to purchase this product even if you wanted to buy it. Anyone know where to buy it?

  6. Kapiti

    Kapiti Registered Member

    You could try here.

    For pricing and ordering information, please send your inquiry to:
  7. Kapiti

    Kapiti Registered Member

    Played around with the new version 8.1 yesterday and today, and most things seem to be working fine, bootup time has improved by nearly a minute which is great.

    I don't normally use "drive image" the backup programme that comes with Eaz-Fix but thought I'd play around seeing as it's a new version.

    First thing that came to light was that the restore doesn't see the old files made by drive image in version 8, so anyone that does use this for backup will find that their old backup files are now useless.
    Second thing was the "create recovery media" didn't recognise either of my two CD/DVD drives. Got around this problem by making a recovery disk using the ISO file, however, using the bootup recovery disk made by burning the ISO file didn't recognise either of my external USB drives that contained the backup image file.
    The programme sees my internal drives okay so if I ever did want to use "drive image" I could always store the image files onto an internal drive.

    Intend contacting Eaz-Fix support next week with the problem just for interest. However, I would also be interested in knowing if any other user of version 8.1 has come across the same problem, sounds very much like the problem Acronis TI has with their recovery disk.
  8. Brian K

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    That's interesting. What boot time do you have now? Which OS?
  9. Kapiti

    Kapiti Registered Member

    Windows XP Home SP2.

    Just under 3 minutes with version 8.1 installed. That time is from the moment I press the computer main button to when the computer is ready for use.

    When version 8 was installed the time taken from bootup to using the computer, was just under 4 minutes.

    Both these times are approximate and vary between 15 seconds plus or minus.

    Brian, are you using EAZ-FIX? If so have you done any testing with the inbuilt image programme "Drive Image"? Any problems with the media builder or recovery CD?
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