Does Avast blocks vpn connections ?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by xperator, May 30, 2012.

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  1. xperator

    xperator Registered Member


    I have installed many firewall and AV programs these days. A few mins ago I wanted to connect to my vpn and it returns error code 778 ( could not verify to identify the server ...)
    Checked the same vpn connection with same account on my laptop and it does work. It seems something is broken after installing these programs. Also pinging to vpn server works and I can ssh to my vps (which has vpn on it).

    My current setup : Avast Pro (without firewall) + Keyscrambler + MalwareBytes Pro + Mamutu (disabled)
    OS : Windows 7 x64

    I know MalwareBytes and KeyScambler are innocent. Not sure about Avast. Tried disabling Avast, forcing it to exit, disabling Mamutu, disabling windows Firewall,... and no luck

    Maybe some firewall rules still applying ? or maybe they broke the services related to vpn,..? Any Idea ? o_O
  2. i_g

    i_g Registered Member

    The firewall drivers are not installed in avast! Pro - so no, firewall rules are not applying.
  3. chinook9

    chinook9 Registered Member

    I am testing CyberGhost on my wifes laptop, which has Avast, and it didn't cause any problems.
  4. xperator

    xperator Registered Member

    Ok I found the problem. I am just telling this for people who might think Avast or other mentioned programs are causing this problem.

    The problem was that my network adapter driver was corrupted somehow and a Uninstall and Reinstall fixed it.

    Anyway thanks to @i_g and @chinook9 for confirming Avast for me.
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