Convert .TIB to Bootable CD / DVD Disc?

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by XP1, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. XP1

    XP1 Registered Member

    Is there a way to convert an already existing .TIB file to a bootable disc?

    I would want to use the Acronis Media Components, but wouldn't this require me to recreate the backup instead of converting?
  2. Aussie42

    Aussie42 Registered Member

    I read a post somewhere over a year ago that put a TIB file onto a bootable DVD. It involved creating the Rescue Disk as an ISO file which ATI allows you to do, and then adding your back up to the ISO file before burning it. I believe the program used was UltraISO at

    Hope this is what you wanted! Let me know if you want step-by-step instructions.
  3. NumLock

    NumLock Registered Member

    Nope, there is no way to convert BUT you can make a bootable DVD+image whilst in the process of backing up.

    You will need to be backing up directly to CD/DVD, and then in the options window there will be an additional option; "media ..." something and you just have to check the available options to make it bootable.
  4. m4ko

    m4ko Registered Member

    Of course there is a tool for this. I use it over here all the time. Its called "mkrescue" und creates a bootable ISO file out of an existing TIB file. I got this program with my OEM version of ATI. I don't know if it is available for other licenses.
  5. XP1

    XP1 Registered Member

    Yes, I already know how to do this manually, but is this any different from what Acronis True Image does? Shouldn't the bootable disc made by Acronis look more automated because of Acronis One-Click Restore?

    How do I create a bootable disc manually containing Acronis One-Click Restore?
    I don't see this option in the bootable Linux version, only in the Windows version. Is it possible to create a backup containing Acronis One-Click Restore in the bootable Linux version?

    Linux Screenshot:

    Windows Screenshot:
    I googled for "mkrescue," but all that came up were sites describing it as a Linux floppy restore application. You seem to be the only person on the Internet who knows about this.

    Where/How did you get your OEM version of Acronis True Image?
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  6. m4ko

    m4ko Registered Member

    I wrote Acronis what I need for my company and they redirected me to the ATI OEM product page. After applying for a trial version I got the ATI OEM and the MKRescue files for trial purposes.
  7. NumLock

    NumLock Registered Member

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