Can't autodetect external hard drive

Discussion in 'NTFS for Mac & ExtFS for Mac' started by rxgus, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. rxgus

    rxgus Registered Member

    Disclaimer: I am completely new to Mac's
    MBA running Lion(version OS X 10.7.2)

    I have an external hard drive that I need to work on both my new MBA and my Windows work computer. It is currently windows formatted.
    Before I installed Paragon, the drive was visible (but read only). After some research I learned that I needed a NTFS driver so I purchased Paragon, figuring it was worth the money to not have to worry about file format.

    After I installed Paragon, the drive is no longer visible in my finder, nor is it accessible via any of the programs for that use it (Adobe Lightroom). The drive lights up and appears to be working, and it is still fully functional on my Windows 7 box.

    Once I uninstall Paragon, the drive becomes visible (and read only).

    This product claims full support in Lion but it doesn't seem like it to me. What am I missing?

    I found some references online that say deleting /System/Library/filesystems/ufsd.fs fixed the problem with almost universal agreement... but I dont seem to have that file (or any file called ufsd.fs)

    I appreciate your help,
  2. ericalbertosilva

    ericalbertosilva Registered Member

    Hi guy,

    I bought the version 9.5 and I'm the same problem.Have you found the solution? When I uninstall the software paragon my external hd is visible again.

    Thank you!!!
  3. makeitwork

    makeitwork Registered Member

    I have version 9.5.2 and I am having the same problem. If you go into system preferences you can disable the Paragon driver, and the hard drive will load up. But if the driver is activated, it is of no use. I saw that same solution and it was of no help.
  4. dougeefresh

    dougeefresh Registered Member

    Same problem with v.9.5. on Lion 10.7.2.
    Had NTFS-3G but uninstalled everything using

    Also, have MacFUSE installed (still installed). Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    With the driver on, the ext drive doesn't show up at all.
    With the driver off, the ext drive shows up in read-only mode.

    Go here and do the step one. That fixed it for me.
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  5. amitabhbansal

    amitabhbansal Registered Member

    same here,
    On OS X Lion i installed the trial version of it and found the same thing you all are facing, i have email to the support to rectify the problem. will let you all know once i got the solution.
  6. amitabhbansal

    amitabhbansal Registered Member

    friends here is the reply from the company
    Dear Amitabh, if NTFS volumes are not mounted for read/write access, in most cases that means there are some filesystem errors on those drives. To fix them please run Verify and Repair for NTFS partitions as described in this article:
    ID 6958: NTFS for Mac 9.5 doesn't mount NTFS volumes Thank you!
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