Cannot boot after HDD restore in UEFI/GPT

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by coup27, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. coup27

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    Intel i3-2130
    Asus P8Z68-V LX
    Samsung SSD 830 series


    I have done a good search on UEFI and GPT but nobody seems to have had the same problem as me. Ever since I bought the above setup I have been interested in UEFI/GPT over traditional BIOS/MBR. Despite UEFI/GPT being out a little while now, software adaptation is taking a long time and imaging programs such as Acronis or Ghost dont support imaging a boot GPT disk structure at all. I was under the impression that Backup and Recovery 11 Home did but I have had a problem.

    Firstly, my system was secure erased (SE) via the Samsung FreeDOS utility and then my genuine Windows 7 DVD booted in UEFI mode from my UEFI. I created a single partition, which subsequently created the EFI System Partition (100MB), MSR Partition (128MB) and then my basic data partition with the rest.

    After installing Win 7 and Paragon, I created a USB recovery media via the main screen. I booted this recovery media and used the backup hard disk feature. This completed sucessfully. I then rebooted into my SE utility and SE'd my disk.

    I booted back into my recovery media and used the restore hard drive feature and all seemed fine. After reading during the processs "updating Boot config data in BCD hive on hard disk 0 partition 0 ..." I certainly thought I was finally onto a winner.

    After all operations had finished I rebooted (Windows boot manager is first device) and was greeted with the classic flashing _ in the top left to indicate a Windows boot manager problem. The same error which I've had from Acronis and Ghost during my testing.

    Booting my Win 7 DVD and running a startup repair says my "Windows boot manager" will be repaired, and after a restart my system works again.

    Is anybody able to assist on why this didn't work? Does Backup & Recovery 11 Home support backup and restore of a boot GPT disk structure? The program certainly indicates it does as it recognises all of the required partitions during backup. Ghost will only recognise the basic data partition and Acronis only the EFI and basic data partition.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. coup27

    coup27 Registered Member

    I thought this was the "official" forum for Paragon products?

    Are there no official reps or experienced users who provide support?

    I did try and file a support ticket but stage 3 where you enter your product, build and OS, when you click next it just refreshes instead of proceding. Tried with IE8 & FF11.
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