Canceling NTFS resize

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by zackarykurtz, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. zackarykurtz

    zackarykurtz Registered Member

    Hi all,

    I've started the resize (decrease size) of a 1300Gb NTFS filesystem to 1000Gb.
    The process is in the "Quick data moving" stage and I'm worrying about the time it seems to take to complete.
    "Overall percentage" says 1% and "Time remaining" 19:29:33 (but it's long time these values don't change).

    I don't know if I can wait the normal end of the process and I see the "Cancel" button in bottom right corner ... :shifty:

    I'm going loosing all my data pressing that button?
    Please help me !!! :(

    Many thanks
  2. Bith

    Bith Registered Member

    My problem is the same, but i started a primary to logical partition conversion, and at this speed it seems that it will take 9 days!
    I want to cancel but i don't know if it tries to rollback the operation, or just leaves me with an 1.4TB unallocated garbage partition :/ (it was full).
    Please somebody answer to this! Should i press yes after the cancel or no?
  3. Crazy T

    Crazy T Lurker

    plz do not cancel it if it is on the process of resizing, it may cause data loss. Be careful. Contact Paragon Support.
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