Canadians-Losing your privacy

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by 333, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. 333

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  2. x942

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    Stupid Government. First this than out "SOPA" like act. I wish Harper never got in again :(
  3. 333

    333 Registered Member

    I think Harper wants a direct line from every ISP in Canada straight to

    That way He can monitor everyone himself.

    If these laws become permanent, there will be absolutely no Privacy on the net.

    Unless you go to extremes. And maybe not even then.
  4. scott1256ca

    scott1256ca Registered Member

    It seems to me these types of laws will become close to useless against all but P2P. The other lawbreakers just need to move to tor and encrypted email, where the emails are encrypted and decrypted on the PC, not by the email provider. Do this and law enforcement is crippled. They are back to having to get evidence against the law breaker and then having to get a warrant and seize the PC's hoping the incriminating evidence is still there.

    All that happens to the rest of the citizenry is they have their ISP raise rates to pay for the information gathering equipment and storage. But hey, at least we can still catch those guys on P2P sharing mp3's and robbing apple of their $0.99.
  5. 333

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    Well the way these new laws supposedly work, concerning your ISP,
    is that surveillance equipment will be installed at all entry points.

    This will give them a backdoor to any computer that they wish to observe.

    They will be able do this without a warrant.

    The question is: Will they be able to decipher any or all transmission using
    a VPN or other encryption?

    It will also be very easy for them to drop a bug onto the device being monitored.
  6. 333

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    Today the Harper government is retreating and has to rethink their strategy
    concerning Lawful Access and Bill C-30.

    More information on this can be found here:

    The backlash from angry and concerned citizens in Canada has obviously been worthwhile. Just as it has been with SOPA, when the whole world turned its anger and disgust towards this beast and put it on the backburner for many countries.

    Because of the many great people that were willing to stand up for their Freedom and Privacy
    Stand up for what they believe in and voiced their opinion
    This is what brought about change for the better-for the majority
    For all good citizens
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