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  1. ipstefan

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    When you click Logs button all the database of scanned files, quarantined, excluded, cleaned, etc. is loaded. In order to fix the Logs button we have to locate where the issue is exactly. When does it happen.

    If you have the time, or just happens to find a way to reproduce the issue with the Logs button please let us know. The scenario should apply to any computer, so that we, at our turn to make it happen and locate the bug.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Trespasser

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    The issue is random. Sometimes the Logs button works...sometimes it doesn't (mostly doesn't). When it doesn't, simply clicking Exit on the tray icon then clicking BitDefender Antivirus from the the Menu selection generally fixes the issue. This action, of course, reloads gziface.exe. Shouldn't you be looking at when and how gziface.exe is loading on boot?

    BTW, once the Logs button is working it continues to work properly until the next boot takes place.

    Also, are you saying that you (dev team) can't reproduce this issue? Can't you debug this application as it's loading on boot? How can we as users give you a scenario that covers all PCs and operating systems since we are limited to what we personally have? Isn't that your job to test your application across a wide range of devices?

    I'm confused by your response.


  3. ipstefan

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    I was asking for a software configuration/hardware that makes the issue reproduce. I didn't address myself to a particular user. I was trying to collect as much data as possible about the hardware/software/steps that lead to the issue. We will try to get the same configurations and reproduce the issue in order to debug it.

    Example of a scenario: Happens only on 16 gb of ram, Haswell processors and ssd, custom windows 7 x64. After encountering a program(name) blocked by Active Virus Control you restart the interface and the Logs button doesn't work.

    We cannot guess that kind of scenario, neither we have all the hardware or software configurations in the world on a few pc's
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    No offence but I think it's your job to test your software. :'(
  5. Trespasser

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    Ok. I'm running an HP Pavilion dv3510nr laptop with a dual-core Intel processor with 4 gigs of ram. My OS (at the moment) is Win 8 Pro 64 bit. I run Firefox 32 bit with NoScript and Cookie Monster for extensions. I generally run Sandboxie 4.0.5.x 64 bit (but the BD Free Logs button problem occurs whether I'm running Sandboxie or not). I run ExeRadarPro 64 bit, but, just like Sandboxie, it occurs whether I'm running it or not. I run EMET 4.0 with Always On for everything except certificates which are enabled. I run KeyScrambler but that is only active within Firefox. I enable Software Restriction Policy occasionally, but, again, just like Sandboxie, it occurs whether I'm running it or not. I run LibreOffice 32 bit and CCleaner 64 bit but I don't see how that would apply. And that's it.

    I'd like to add that it's good to see someone from the BitDefender team posting in this thread. You all should visit and post here more often. Get more involved. BD Free is a great application when it's working properly.

    Also, you didn't answer my question. Can't you all reproduce this Logs button issue on your lab PCs?

    Maybe a few other people should post your Desktop/laptop specs for the BD dev team.


  6. Sprocket

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    My system is nothing like Bob's. i7 920 CPU-based workstation, 8 GB RAM. Windows 7 SP1, x64. BD free, no other antimalware apps (no sandboxie, no emet). Chrome browser w/ adblock, forecastfox and ghostery extensions. MS Office 2007. iTunes 10.7, VirtualBox 4.2.latest. And that's it.

    The Logs button's behavior is unpredictable - just as I start thinking it's working again, then it stops working. I can identify no obvious trigger. I restored from a system image that has Avast on it, and that's where I stand till this gets resolved.
  7. ipstefan

    ipstefan Registered Member

    Thanks to both of you for the info.
    Our team working on this project is very small; just a few guys, working on 3 or more projects at the same time. We took 3-4 days to try and reproduce the issue with logs button with various scenarios that involved reboot/sleep/hibernate and some threats in Quarantine lists, without any success. In order to see the cause we have to get the blockage and connect to it with the VS debugger. We only saw the report posted on our forums by 3-4 people out of about 1 million or more(just a guess) total AVFree users; my point being, there's a 1 in a million chances for us to have the same configurations as people in the market and get the Logs button to stop working.

    We are trying to support this program as much as we can, it's a free product after all. But every time we localize a bad issue from you guys we try to prioritize it and fix it as fast as possible.

    We are reading these posts every few days but sometimes words won't fix anything, maybe just make it worse.
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    The interesting thing here is the fact that those other 1 million or more users don't have the technical curiosity of the users here at Wilders and therefore would rarely ever click the Logs button in the first place. And even if they did and found the problem, they would likely not know where to complain about it whether it be here on Wilders or on BitDefender forums. The average computer users wouldn't know or do any of that. This is just getting silly.
  9. zip

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    BD FREE is working great for me! I'm using it with Privatefirewll and WInpatrol
  10. SweX

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    You make BDAVFree sound like some kind of side project that you work on whenever you have some spare time over. 3 people working on this, PLUS other stuff at the same time. The only question I have is why, it doesn't make any sense to me, if this would be a great fantastic fully working product, users could feel that "oh my god this product is free and it's so great and easy to use maybe I should buy one of their paid for products to show some support?" But you don't think like that apparently.

    It's a free product after all, again you make it sounds like an excuse, like "it's free so we don't take it a serious as our other products."

    Then why offer a free product at all if you have this attitude to the product, don't you make a product that you want users to like and use, and as I said maybe even consider an upgrade to your paid for products, no?

    If I were BD I would put those 3 devs full time on this project and maybe you have better chance of turning this into a new Free AV success story, but at the moment I doubt it.

    This is what I think, now when I have been reading this thread since it started. You can see this as feedback or whatever, but I don't even use the product.

    I also wonder, do you think that Avast thinks "it's free after all" about Avast Free when users get issues with it?
    Avast also have paid for products that they care about just as much as their Free AV :)
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  11. aztony

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    It would explain why it takes an eternity to address/fix known issues, and the dreadful customer service support. What good is any av, no matter how great the detection rates, when its support to users is sub-par? Like some have already speculated here in this thread, BD free seems to be the test bed for their paid products.
  12. Alexhousek

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    To be honest, as someone who has used free products for many years, and as someone who has been considering a paid/commercial product for the first time, the recent post by the devs of BD free have turned me off to even considering their commercial product.

    I had narrowed my search down to Eset, BD, and F-Secure (and possibly paid Avast as I use Avast Free now). I can now cross BD off my list in spite of all the great test scores I've seen and how well it appears to perform.
  13. Kerodo

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    Sadly, it has been for a long time...
  14. internet addict

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    I can't force myself to go back to BD Free after that problem 3 or 4 weeks ago. Avast is suiting my purposes just fine and every feature works smoothly.
  15. Brandonn2010

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    Hmm, because it seems virtually everyone here has/had the issue.

    Yep. I've moved my neighbor and best friend back to Avast! I even had them use the version 9 beta, and haven't had any problems from them, yet BD Free had crippled my friend's internet.

    Considering how much money BD must be getting from licensing their engine, you think they'd be able to hire a few more people to help fix their program :D
  16. Pirate_fin

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    Uninstalled this and installed Avast 2014 RC1.

    Bitdefender was really light on my system, but webguard didn't block anything on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 :'(
  17. Inside Out

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    I just don't get how such a capable vendor usually makes the buggiest stuff out there.
  18. internet addict

    internet addict Registered Member

    I can't believe how that one update made the whole computer incredibly sluggish. I seriously thought the hard drive was going bad and was looking into buying a new tower. Then I was relieved to hear that other people had the same problem and could be fixed by simply uninstalling BD Free in safe mode.

    It's a shame because BD is known for being one of the top notch AV vendors, but the bugs are too much of a hassle to deal with. Like Kerodo said, Avast might offer a hair less bit of detection rates but is way less buggy.
  19. Trespasser

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    Same here. Webguard didn't block any malicious sites under Win 8.1 RTM 64 bit. Under Win 8 64 bit it did at the exact same site.

  20. Pirate_fin

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    Contacted support and they asked me to do repair installation, but it didn't help.

    I hope that devs are reading these forums and can fix issues with webguard on Windows 8.1
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    Some of you folks just coming here to whine, moan and berate the Bitdefender people oughta just TAKE A HIKE and go on use your favorite A/V. Tired of your whining, moaning and complaining since YOURE NOT USING BD ANYWAY. Go away and quit polluting this thread.
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    Are you referring to posts like this?
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