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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Duradel, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Duradel

    Duradel Registered Member

    Noticed there weren't any topics about BitDefender 2011 on the forums. I've been using it for a little while now and have been pleasantly surprised. The anti-virus scan speeds are pretty quick and CPU usage is fairly low on idle and during scans. The firewall doesn't seem intrusive at all either.

    BitDefender has scored fairly consistently high in tests done by AV Comparatives and AV-Test recently:

    Windows 7 2011 Q1 (AV-Test):

    On demand comparative test 2011 (AV-C):

    Whole product dynamic test 2010 (AV-C):
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  2. clayieee

    clayieee Registered Member

    using it for a week before. Slowed me down. Heavy
  3. Duradel

    Duradel Registered Member

    Most modern computers nowadays come shipped with 64 bit operating systems and 4GB of RAM. RAM is extremely cheap nowadays.

    BitDefender's anti-phishing toolbar is buggy at the moment (BitDefender knows about the bug and is working on fixing it) but if the user disables it then internet browsing is fast.
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  4. clayieee

    clayieee Registered Member

    But most haven't upgrade yet, there still some who use XP
  5. Duradel

    Duradel Registered Member

    With 3GB of RAM and a dual core processor above 2GHz the computer should be able to handle BitDefender and similar products.
  6. clayieee

    clayieee Registered Member

    i can say i have bitdefender installed as im using G data
  7. MrGSM

    MrGSM Registered Member

    I am a BitDefender user i can say that the best version of BitDefender is 2010 but this version of 2011 have many bugs et more heavy than 2010....
  8. sm1

    sm1 Registered Member

    Download a huge file using firefox or ie. If it is cancelled halfway you can still see network activity because bitdefender scanner continues to download the file even though the original download is cancelled by the user thereby slowing the internet connection for other purposes. This is annoying if internet connection is not fast. Same issue is there while playing videos online. Its Active Virus Control issues alerts for well known programs complaining about potential bad behavior but it won't explain it. This makes it difficult since we don't know if the program itself is malicious or it has been compromised or it is just a false positive. For these reasons I am not using bitdefender though I have a license and my system hardware is speedy enough to use bitdefender. Hope the 2012 version solves these issues.
  9. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    Most of my customers computers run XP and have 1gb or less of ram. my point is that you shouldnt need to upgrade a computer just to run security software. plenty of security software will run perfectly on that spec of system.
  10. Duradel

    Duradel Registered Member

    Most business users will need at least 2GB of RAM even for running just office applications. I recommend at least 2GB to users running XP it needs 1GB of physical memory to run the OS effectively.

    Running Ccleaner and Auslogics Disk Defrag (Any de-fragmentation software) on computers makes even old ones run fairly efficiently.

    BitDefender 2011 has great detection rates with scans and its pro-active defense is also pretty good. You can purchase single user licenses on Ebay fairly cheap as well compared to other well known products.
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  11. clayieee

    clayieee Registered Member

    XP can even run on a 256 - 512 range of RAM. Supposedly new antivirus nowadays should be not that heavy as new technology comes along. i have a total security license though i didnt install it because of the performance issue.
    having a RAM of 2gb and a processor with 2.8Ghz
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