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  1. Dingo48

    Dingo48 Registered Member

    I am also getting the same message after a Firefox update today so you are not alone. How can I fix it ?
  2. speedracerxt

    speedracerxt Registered Member

    I'm seeing this same scenario with AVG8 and the latest FireFox rev It's a real pain, and there should be a fix for it. :doubt:

  3. speedracerxt

    speedracerxt Registered Member

    Hmm, my fix for this was to run the AVG8 installer, select Repair installation, and uncheck the install AVG Security Toolbar option.
  4. Dingo48

    Dingo48 Registered Member

    Thanks I did just that and unchecked that option and Firefox starts now without the problem.
  5. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Registered Member

    The repair with unchecking the box worked for me also yet created a new annoyance.

    After the error when starting Firefox went away, which is good. I now just have that large red error on the AVG icon in the taskbar. Neither of these should have to happen and one shouldn't replace the other.

    I ran the setup again and put a check in the Toolbar box and the error symbol on the AVG taskbar icon is gone and the Firefox Error is back.

    The error is just a window you have to close each time you open Firefox and as far as I can tell does not effect the security of the browser. But, both situations are annoying and shouldn't be something the user has to learn to live with. Time to email AVG I suppose.
  6. Paul_E

    Paul_E Registered Member

    Just spoke to AVG UK who say that Firefox are working on an update to clear the problem.
  7. C.S.J

    C.S.J Massive Poster

    i like AVG, especially AVG 8.0 , but i still might sell one of my 2 year unregistered licences, no point me having them if im a drwebber, its just a wasted licence.

    feel sorry for Jeff, i think he owns them all. *lol*
  8. JasSolo

    JasSolo Registered Member

    plus a few :D
  9. larryb52

    larryb52 Registered Member

    yes but is very secure in that fact...
  10. JasSolo

    JasSolo Registered Member

    Indeed....except you can't use 'em all at the same time...so?!:)

  11. C.S.J

    C.S.J Massive Poster

    yep, thats my thinking.

    i have a few to sell on ebay i think.
  12. rookieman

    rookieman Registered Member

    To bad I don't live close by you.:I'd like a licence for this!
  13. Jezmy

    Jezmy Registered Member

    In the meantime, all you need to do (I think) is start Firefox up normally - just cancel the error message you get - then go to Tools / Addons in the main menu in Firefox. Disable any AVG plugins registered in FireFox. Restart Firefox - this time hopefully without the error. This disables AVG protection for FireFox only - if you use a different browser, you should still get the AVG Toolbar as normal.
    This does have some impact on your system protection, in that data will not be scanned by FireFox, but any infections which are downloaded should still be dealt with by the Resident Shield. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)
    Another way of disabling the error message on loading FireFox would be to use the option in AVG to turn off the "Web Shield". I have a couple of reasons you should not do it that way, though - firstly you would be turning off the protection for all browsers, thus removing the protection provided if you use other browsers as well as FireFox, and secondly AVG itself screams blue murder about it, because a component isn't working. This means you get the system tray "ERROR" icon from AVG. Not a problem in itself, but if you get used to (and ignore) the error icon, how are you going to know when there really is a problem o_O?

    Hopefully, this will help people to get round this silly message in the safest, simplest way possible. :thumb: But remember to get the eagerly awaited FireFox fix for it as soon as it comes out - then re-enable your AVG add-ons !!!
  14. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Registered Member

    I noticed that when you cancel the error window and then see the toolbar is missing, protection is still there by going to Google etc.. and doing a test search.

    The link scanner is still active and tagging the results even though the toolbar is no longer there and an error is received when a Firefox window opens.
  15. Dingo48

    Dingo48 Registered Member

    I went back and rechecked the box in AVG and then "again" got all the updates as I found it was a lot easier to go to Firefox "Tools" "AddOns" and then "Extensions" and "Disable" the tool bar AddOn as this way you do not have to reinstall the upgrades to AVG. It now works better and you should be able to get rid of the "Red Error" in the AVG Icon
  16. robinb

    robinb Registered Member

    on another topic- you guys still seeing system restore points for every update?
    I am
    So far AVG has not issued a fix for this and they do know about it.

  17. kpinkert

    kpinkert Registered Member

    Here is a reply I got from AVG:

    Let us inform you, that after the latest update of Mozilla Firefox
    (version, the AVG Toolbar may report this error:

    TypeError: avg_DTFox.prefs has no properties

    This issue will be fixed in the new AVG program version. To eliminate
    the problem temporarily, please proceed as follows:

    - open Mozilla Firefox
    - in menu Tools click on Add-ons
    - find the AVG Security Toolbar and click "Disable"
    - once the AVG update is available and applied, please do not forget
    to enable the plugin again
  18. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Registered Member

    The new update is out and the Firefox error has been fixed. Very impressed at the speed AVG took to listen to customers and push out a program update. Very impressed.
  19. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    I'd be more impressed if this was fixed too, along of course with the slowdowns some have reported.
  20. robinb

    robinb Registered Member

    Tech emailed me and said it was going to be fixed in the near future.
    I guess we have to wait and see. It might have been fixed in this version (89) but since this is a program update they say it is suppose to make a system restore point for program updates, we will have to wait till tomorrow and see when the next definition update comes and if restore points are still being set.

  21. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    Thanks robinb.
  22. alfradio

    alfradio Registered Member

    Mine seems to have been fixed....

    I had originally used the reinstall (repair) AVG8 without checking the "toolbar"
    option... and that worked but, after a while I thought, "Better to deal with
    the annoying message then be without protection" so I ENABLED the toolbar
    and received (as expected) the error message....

    This morning however, no more error messages, the toolbar is where it should
    be and enabled...

    Anyone else experiencing this??

    alf o_O
  23. Firecat

    Firecat Registered Member

    Yesterday [March 28] a new version was released, AVG 8.0.90, which appears to have fixed the restore points problem. It may, however, be too early to decide for sure given that I had only one definition update before checking, however, after this definition update I noticed no restore points were created (on Windows XP). So it appears to me that this has been fixed, but this is not indicated in the changelog.

    On a side note, the LinkScanner technology seems to play much better with IE7 on my PC than it does with Firefox.
  24. Wordward

    Wordward Former Poster

    Things are starting to sound a little better.
  25. mantra

    mantra Registered Member

    now avg bought ewido , so i guess the avg antivirus bought the ewido database too

    so , now could be better then nod32?
    i mean for the detect capability
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