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Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by worldcitizen, Jun 28, 2003.

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  1. worldcitizen

    worldcitizen Registered Member

    Hi Folks,

    I just bought Anonymizer TotalNetShield at a bargain price. I never really new what SS2 Tunnelling was until I bought it and tried it out.

    My connection is 'encypted' and anything that goes through it is encypted also through port 22. Whether I'm browsing or emailing a friend or using ICQ, all my information is channelled through port 22 in an 'encypted mode'. So anyone seeing the information travelling via my port 22 would not know whether it was a browser, email or chat program that was being used.
    To further complicate the issue if they did manage to intercept the information all they would see would be undecipherable figures and numbers (SSH2 encryption)

    Now, the beauty about this is that it doesn't slow down the connection even one bit. Actually because I am tunnelling via Anonymizer's servers I am getting to my destinations more quickly as they use their own routes and not public ones. Also, since I have been using this my firewall almost never alerts me to any attacks anymore. I am not getting attacks anymore because basically I'm invisible.

    I got some very pleasant surprises after buying this. First was the ease of installation - real cool installation setup. Was ready to go in 1 minute. Then, no more attacks. And most impressive of all is that the speed of my connection has remained the same.

    I got an anonymizer email account which uses spam assassin technology. I have to find out more about it as I'm not sure if it's a service at their end or I have to do something.

    On top of this you get anonymizer surfing which gives you a fulltime SSL connection, masks all your info such as brwoser and OS, blocks bad cookies pests as well as pop-ups.

    This is a really great program and now I feel much, much safer. On top of all this your browser connection is protected from viruses. I think you only need your virus scanner for emails but I keep it on anyway just as an extra layer.

  2. Dan Perez

    Dan Perez Retired Moderator

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting your experiences with this product/service. I came across this a while back and was definitely intrigued but didn't "bite". I think I may have to take a another look at it :)

    [BTW - I agree completely about the usefulness and simplicity of SSH tunneling. I've never used it in a comprehensive way like Anonymizer but have repeatedly used it for tunneling X11 or telnet traffic.]


  3. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

    Hi worldcitizen,

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the forum, it seems really
    to be a interesting program. :)
  4. worldcitizen

    worldcitizen Registered Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I have had anonymizer surfer for a year now & when I saw TotalNetShield I was thrilled but the price was $99.95. Anyway the other day I got a newsletter offering it for half price @ $49.95 and almost flipped??

    Anyway the info they gave about it on the site is a bit out of date so when I actually got the program I almost fipped nine times - real cool is just the ONLY way to describe it. The set up was AWESOME. On the site they explain how to set it up manually but this new version is incredible - a 10 year old could do it.

    There are set and reset buttons that you just click on - no going into IE or other programs and it works with my Incredimail too.

    NOTE: My email address is

    I have the link from the newsletter which is offering it for $49.95 but I don't know if it's still valid and if it is and you want it then get it NOW because they won't keep that special for long. I noticed on the purchase page there was a choice to buy it as a new user or as a member so I'm pretty sure that anyone who has a copy of the newsletter can buy it at half price.

    I really love it. I'll include the link here but I don't know if it will work so I'll post it underneath this post.


    Edited email-address to avoid it being found by the bots
  5. worldcitizen

    worldcitizen Registered Member

    I checked this link and it worked but if it doesn't let you there I can send you a copy of the newsletter.

  6. Plavi

    Plavi Registered Member

    Hi worldcitizen:

    Have been a user for two months. Quick question & a word of advice:

    1) What version of the Bitvise software do you have? Had version 1.2 and then as part of an effort to help me out with some incompatability problems they emailed me version 2.04 (the automated one you have). This was still beta when they gave it to me and a bit buggy. On the web site in the members section one can only download the old version - i.e. manual setup.

    2) Apologies if you already know this but....... as with most if not all http proxies, you are only anonymized if activeX, java, scripts are disabled. otherwise you are still leaving your real IP everywhere you go. If these features are still enabled in your browser have a look at any proxy checker e.g. (or others in google search) whilst using the tunnelling - your real IP comes through.

    A bit cheeky on their part for not mentioning this, and i should imagine plenty of misinformed users are leaving their real IPs all over. Otherwise, super service and support.

    Best wishes

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