Adblock Pro for Internet Explorer is a SCAM!

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by berryracer, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    I was searching for a good AD Blocker for Internet Explorer and AdBlock Pro came up many times in the searches so I thought it was a good program. I purchased the program only to realize afterwards that it hasn't been updated since 2008 (That's 4 years!); anyway, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and installed it on my Notebook, I added the English subscriptions for Ad Blocking but and restated IE but none of the ads got blocked! I even tried right clicking on the ad and manually selecting to block it via ABP (Adblocker Pro) but that didn't help!

    What a useless program! So I contacted tech support first I tried reaching them on their MSN account for the LIVE CHAT as they claim on their website but that account seems to be dead as its never online. I then decided to shoot them an email and didn't get a reply for 3 days!

    I got tricked by this stupid scamming company! BUYERS BE WARE! In the PayPal transaction ID the Reseller name appears to be: 项 根生 (WTF? Seriously? )

    My case is now being investigated by PayPal, hopefully PayPal will refund me the money!
  2. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    Usually a little research before buying anything, usually saves you from troubles.

    Did you get the program from here - ? If you did, then you'll notice that it shows a Softpedia's review award, yet there's no mentions to it in Softpedia's website. -

    I usually suspect websites that mention reviews from trustworthy services such as Softpedia, when if fact there are no reviews or mentions of the program.


    hpHosts flags it. Usually hpHosts is a bit aggressive, by mixing software that bundles adware with it, but it's also very good at flagging fraudulent services.


    You'd see that website is flagged as being a phishing domain/fraudulent service.

    MyWOT also flags it. - I suppose they flag it due to hpHosts being a partner.
  3. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    By the way, I see that you're using Windows 7? Therefore, you can use Internet Explorer 9, which allows you to use tracking protection lists, which will allow you to block ads and trackers... for free. You can use lists from Fanboy, Easylist, etc.
  4. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    I tried that but didn't know how to get it to work.

    Anyway it's too late now, I have reverted back to Firefox 11 with the Ad Block Plus addon
  5. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    Yes m00nbl00d is right, you can get them here. Just click 'add TPL'. Or, alternatively, there is Simple Adblock.
  6. acr1965

    acr1965 Registered Member

    It seems that ad blockers were the next big thing a few years back. For instance, is another scam site that has not been upgraded in years.
  7. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    Yeah, you're right, it's still online. :eek: o_O

    The worst part, is that, if you take a closer look to -, you'll notice at the bottom that it says (c) Copyright 2004-2012.

    And, at the top it says in red NEW VERSION 4.6.

    These two key points will make anyone, not knowing that this app hasn't been updated in years, to believe it is a current version.

    This is nothing but a scam, as you put it. :thumbd:

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  8. The Seeker

    The Seeker Registered Member

    You bought the program without downloading it and trying it first?
  9. acr1965

    acr1965 Registered Member

    SuperAntiSpyware has SuperAdBlocker as their digital signature. If you search through Wilders you can see a consistent history of the SAB developer claiming that SAB will be updated/upgraded very soon. Unfortunately that same person is listed an expert here on wilders.
  10. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    Why do you call it a scam? It is released by the same person as SUPERAntiSpyware which is a reputable antispyware software. I guess the scam part is because the website misleads visitors into thinking that the software has just been updated. Along the same lines the SUPERAntiSpyware site has a history of being misleading too - for a long time (I'm not sure if it is still the case) potential buyers were told about a discount which was ending soon. However the it was an ongoing offer - the discount stayed in place for some years. Again highly misleading, and also surprising since Nick (the author) is doing his best to make decent antispyware software, and not just another sub standard program.
  11. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    If you ever find yourself looking for another good adblocker,
    do yourself a favor and give AdMuncher a try.
  12. acr1965

    acr1965 Registered Member

    Yes, the reasons you mention. Also, the author has promised updates for years which have not come. And complaints about no updates in the forum are deleted. It's nothing but a scam- pure and simple.
  13. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    That's a shame considering that SUPERAntiSpyware is one of the better antispyware programs out there (one of the few programs which give close to zero false posatives) - although I rarely use it, as I find Malwarebytes to have better detection dection and be a lot faster.
  14. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    I love MBAM PRO and use it actually. But I occasionally use SAS to get rid of the tracking cookies.

    With that said, please don't give me the "MBAM is faster" argument! Seriously! With the high speed of computers these days, who cares if one scanner would scan a minute or so faster than another?!?! Do you sit and watch the scanner do its thing or do you do something else that is useful? :rolleyes:

    And BTW, SAS IS faster than MBAM PRO in scanning. Even though I like MBAM more and am using the Pro version, it is NOT faster and I wouldn't have cared anyway! :rolleyes:

    I want a good scanner be it fast or slow! It's not like my life depends on the speed on how fast an anti-malware program will finish a scan :rolleyes:
  15. Daveski17

    Daveski17 Registered Member

    Yes, SAS is a reputable program & does give low false-positives. I've switched to MBAM myself though, for a variety of reasons.
  16. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    The detection rate is much more important than the scanning speed to me, and for that MBAM wins hands down. However, I mentioned the scanning speed, because in the past there has been a huge different in speed between SAS and MBAM, with a quick scan in MBAM taking only a few minutes to run vs probably around 10 to 20 minutes for SAS. I just installed SAS on my computer and the new version 5 did indeed do better that MBAM - 14 minutes for a quick scan with SAS and 19 minutes for MBAM. My computer has a very large amount of programs installed - in a typical scenario the scan times for both would be much quicker.

    As for scan times for doing a full scan I really can't comment as I rarely do full scans.
  17. burebista

    burebista Registered Member

    Or the free alternative AdFender. :)
  18. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    After a long wait.....Paypal finally decided the case in my favor and I will get my money within a few days :)

    ~Private email removed. See the TOS.~
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  19. HKEY1952

    HKEY1952 Registered Member

    The seller may have been very well at fault in the eyes of PayPal and it is great that you were refunded, however,
    there are some facts that must be clarified before Adblock Pro can be labeled as an 'usless program' and
    'stupid scamming company'

    Number One
    The fact is, Adblock Pro for Internet Explorer was last updated to version 3.0 on 06/28/2010
    The Change Log on the Adblock Pro Web Site clearly states that Adblock Pro v3.0:

    1 - Add Windows 7 Support
    2 - Add Internet Explorer 8 Support
    3 - Optimize Filter List
    4 - Optimize Element Hide Helper
    5 - Fix Bugs Lead To Crash

    Number Two
    The fact is, there are three reasons why Adblock Pro did not work:

    REASON NUMBER ONE (the most likely reason):
    Microsoft Windows (64-bit) Operating System uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) as the Default Browser, so,
    if you downloaded and installed the (64-bit) version of Adblock Pro that would explain the incompatibility.
    Adblock Pro (64-bit) supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (64-bit)
    Adblock Pro (32-bit) supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) and/or
    Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) running under Microsoft Windows (64-bit) Operating System
    The Download Page on the Adblock Pro Web Site clearly states this.

    An older version earlier than version 3.0 of Adblock Pro was downloaded and installed.
    Adblock Pro versions earlier than version 3.0 do not support the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System, or,
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
    The Change Log on the Adblock Pro Web Site clearly states this.

    Adblock Pro was not Enabled through the Adblock Pro Interface, see screenshot below:

    I have been using Adblock Pro for Internet Explorer starting with its initial release as version 1.4 on 07/17/2007
    through its current version 3.0 and have had no problems what-so-ever, in fact, I would not surf without it.

    Adblock Pro at one time was listed on with an praised review, in fact, it was the praised review on that convinced me to Trial and Purchase Adblock Pro. At some point in time the orginal author of
    Adblock Pro passed away and the Adblock Pro Web Site was dormant for an while. The company then changed hands under
    an new owner and changes were made. One of the changes was Adblock Pro was no longer avaliable for download directly
    from the Adblock Pro Web Site, downloads now are only avaliable from cnet


    My facts are based on the signature in your Posts

  20. Baserk

    Baserk Registered Member

    According to Google Translate, '项 根生' means 'Xiang root'. Seriously. link
    That reseller has got nerve...and humor. But you get your money back, so all in all, not a that-expensive lesson learned.
  21. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    Unfortunately, even though you are saying the app is legit...for me...:

    1) App didn't do what it was advertised to do
    2) The support MSN live chat email they provide seems dead as it's never online
    3) The name looked fishy
    4) they never responsed to my emails
    5) everytime I emailed them, I got a new license key by mistake it seems, I don't know if that's a legit license key or just an error, but that's what happened
    6) when I posted this on other forums everyone assured me it was a scam and that softpedia has never awarded them
    7) Paypal contacted the seller after the case escalation and he was supposed to reply to them by the 30th of March which he didn't
    :cool: Thus, Paypal decided the case in my favor and the scammer (seller) at fault

    I don't care what y'all see, this is a pure and professional scam

    PS: if it works for you, great, im back to my trusty Firefox with Ad-Block Plus FTW
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