Acronis Recovery for Exchange DB Backup Error

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by Mario Ulli, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Mario Ulli

    Mario Ulli Registered Member


    I'm not able to backup one of our DB's on a Exchange 2007 server. I receive the error code 2(0xF0002) with the error message

    Failed to get value of type TULong64 from variant value TLong64("2'251'804'124'381'189").

    Can anybody help me?

  2. supertech

    supertech Registered Member

    I get this message several times each backup of my mailbox.
    It looks like it is related to Calendar entries for everyone mail account that actually enters events into their calendar.

    An accompanying error is: 4,133 (0X5B1025) Error while reading the 'user//Calendar/subject.EML' messge.

    Anyone have any suggestions why I keep getting these errors on every backup log when doing a brick level backupo_O
  3. egamero

    egamero Registered Member

    I am getting the same error about 0x5B1025 with an Acronis Recovery for Exchange. I think some file are missing in the backup because the backup is performed successfully at final stage.
    The message is related to 0x5B1003
    Any suggestions?
    Could you refer us to some page about Acronis errors?
    Many thanks
  4. heijt

    heijt Registered Member

    I have the same problem!!! o_O :(
  5. btempleton

    btempleton Registered Member

    I also have been getting hundreds of errors in my Acronis Recovery for Exchange logs. The error message says "Error while reading the Public Folders//Database/name-68352703.EML message" ...Internal error line_tag "OxBE0D8EB2261613FA" I opened a case with Acronis Support, but they couldn't tell me what was causing the errors or how to get rid of them. They just said my backup was successful. I am surprised that the message refers to an .EML because this database is a contacts database that does not contain email messages. When I looked in restore for some of the names listed in the error, it seemed to find them. I did not actually restore any of them because this is a production database, but it appeared that I could. However, I would still like to know what the error means and what I can fix so that I don't have errors.
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