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    Aug 31, 2007
    Since 2007 ZSoft Uninstaller wasn't updated. Version 2.5 is just released, with good news.

    • Analyze an installation so it can be completely uninstalled (also supports reboots of the computer as the process is split into two: Before and after the installation)
    • Search for leftovers after uninstalling a program
    • New tool: Empty folder finder
    • New tool: Startup Manager
    • New tool: Post Uninstaller (replaces the 'I think this is the folder' thing)
    • Automatic backup of installation-logs to 'LogBackups' folder
    • New info in sidebar
    • Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese translations, thanks to Tony
    • Polish translation, thanks to Piotr Dygdalowicz
    • Swedish translation, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson
    • Updated Valencian translation, thanks to Vicente Adam
    • Updated Portuguese translation, thanks to Rui Morais
    • Various fixes and additions
    A little about 64-bit support

    Let it be known: ZSoft Uninstaller v2.5 still does not really support a 64-bit OS.
    Further explanation: ZSoft Uninstaller v2.5 will run and work fine, for uninstalling, analyzing and whatnot, 32-bit programs on a 64-bit system. As a 32-bit program itself, it cannot (as standard) 'see', for instance, the 64-bit part of the registry -- but neither can other 32-bit programs, so it shouldn't be that big of a problem.
    As said, this 'blindness' is 'as standard', and hopefully I'll be able to release a '64-bit-aware' version at some point.

    Source: ZSoft web page.

    Info and Download.

    Portable version.


    Post Uninstall feature. Users can to do a Post Uninstall anytime even: Functions > Post Uninstall Manager. Useful when an app- needs to reboot. All deleted registry items are backuped, that is excellent.

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