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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by P. Smith, Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. P. Smith

    P. Smith Guest

    I got a pop up today saying that my PC was "Infected" with Spyware and that you guys are tracking me, taking the information about bank accounts and so on and using it for illicit gain. It says that you are using my email accounts and generlaly cheating and abusing my privacy.

    What do you say to this?

    P Smith
  2. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002

    Could you please post the site that is causing this pop-up or, even better, a link to the pop-up itself?

    That information is absolutely false - I take pride in the fact that my software helps protect your privacy, and does not do the absolutely horrible stuff claimed in that pop-up. (Did the pop-up specifically mention SpywareGuard?)

    We've had one prior report of such a pop-up being seen on the web and I'd like to try to track down who is behind it. Your help would be appreciated! :)

    Best regards,

  3. Shunned

    Shunned Guest


    That rumor is TOTALLY FALSE....think for just one would a website even know you used that programo_Oo_O??/


    Mr Javacool

    Sir, you don't know me. I was re-formating a computer when someone advised me of this post. Looks like the Snakes are getting very desperate an presenting this False LIE......
    unfortunately yes, there is a rumor out there : see link:

    Sir, you are well known around the world for the decent person you are. Its very sad that you would be slandered in this manner.
    If anyone posts a link to that pop-up I am willing to drop all security an visit the website.
    Lets see who is behind this.
  4. Shunned

    Shunned Guest

    Could these people be getting warning that they are infected with rapid blaster??

    SEE: By Tony K

    SpywareGuard U sgmain.exe "SpywareGuard provides a real-time protection solution against spyware"

    Spywareguard lptt01
    Spywareguard ml097e X <Spywareguard.exe >Variant of the <RapidBlaster> parasite (in a "Spyguard" folder in Program Files). It is not recommended you manually uninstall RapidBlaster but use RapidBlaster Killer - see <here >
  5. subratam

    subratam Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2003
    Issaquah, WA
    a really worthy view and ofcourse, one possible reason maybe.
    the spywareguard.exe is ofcourse mind boggling
  6. Shunned

    Shunned Guest

    yes indeed....RB is a real the first link I posted the person said the pop-up appeared AT don't sound right...not many if any Network guys would put a type of program like spywareguard on a network. An any have decent network guy knows to prevent installing of personal programs by users of the network.
  7. P Smith

    P Smith Guest

    The pop up was in a gold/yellow background with black print, and did not have any official markings. It offered to "SCAN" my system to discover the origin and to find how my PC was " Infected", possibly to help me eliminate it. It was a 1/4 screen size pop up, well designed, and I almost went for it, but decided to research your company a little further.

    I discovered that your privacy policy is pretty weak, gives you the right to do whatever you want without notice, and you admit to tracking every ISP and so on, so I guess that I am a bit suspicious.

    However, your software has shut down two instances of browser hijacking and other anomolies, and I have not taken on any viruses that I know of since installing SG. I have experienced no problems with your software.

    So I just have to decide if I want you tracking me.

    And lately I have had someone using my email address to spam the world and then I get twenty-thirty mailer/daemon messages in my junk mail every day for the ones that didn't go through. The email company tells me that the spamming person would not necessarily have to be using my password for that. He or she is spamming from a remote sender, using my address as the origin. Now the pop up tells me SG is tracking me and then your privacy policy tells me the pop up is correct.

    It's good software you made, but I don't like the tracking, even though I am not a bad person or a criminal or anything.

    I'll probably dump it just to be secure. What would you do?

    Too bad. If your privacy policy was a little tighter I might reconsider.

    Also, if it were not for the email problem I am having, I might keep it or upgrade-because it does work well.

    Thanks for the software and I wish you the best.
    P Smith
  8. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    May i ask:
    was it a scam warning against spywareblaster/ spywareguard or against this wilderssecurity forum?
    As some minutes ago i got a nasty scam email with about the same idea on my brandnew wilderssecurity email account, which i posted in the moderators area.
    Mine had advertisement to go there to get scans and advices via their site and to look a bit serious some additional advice about firewalls.
    You can imagine it will be the last place i would go for scans now.

    First make sure to close all popup and windows messenger options, use JavaCools programs to avoid installing of all that scam stuff (he will tell you what and how if needed)
    If you have TDS installed, registered version there are some very nice scripts to help you further.
    And if you have Port Explorer installed you can immediately see with whom you're connected and find out who is scamming you with those lame popups.
    But i'm really glad you noticed immediately here where the person is accused who did never anything wrong so we will be able to fight this all together.

    our postings crossed.
    For comparision, would you mind to produce a few of your spams with full header, i guess for your protection best in an IM to either JavaCool or the Admins here and Paul Wilders the owner of this forum, so there can be tried to make comparisions with the one i just posted there for them to investigate.
    It's not clear from your story if it is all about JavaCool's tools and privacy or this forum's.
    I would not dump this proven secure and safe and well tested JavaCool software by any means to open my doors for the accuser who now finds all his false ports closed.
    No way!

    The email problem has nothing to do with this forum, or software used here. Millions of people's email addresses are abused thanks to trackers and internet worms. I also got a few times emails from myself as a sender and even about my field of interest but from the opposite side best said.
    Of course such mailings can harm your name but there is not much we can do against it. Only trying to not get infected nor tracked ourselves with protection like the JavaCool tools, he's offering still for free, can you imagine how his popularity is blocking so many who make their money from tracking and infecting others?
    Look at many zero's figures above our imagination.
    I would install the JavaCool stuff also in my corporate environment for the machines going on internet at least to start with as an extra door of security.
    Tracking you? for what? No interest. we respect your privacy and we are not paid to know what you eat today or which sites you visited. For what, if JavaCool just makes you protection (all for free!) against that kind of tracking stuff?
    Confusing, i keep on the safe side, go with JavaCool.

    And use the other tools i mentioned above to see what and whom is connecting to your system, including the packets sniffing and manipulation by yourself.
    But that we talk about in those forums.
    Here is JavaCool, SpywaeGuard and all that good protection, remember all for free!
  9. puff-m-d

    puff-m-d Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    North Carolina, USA
    P Smith,

    Where did you find Javacool's Privacy Policy? Could you give the link to the policy you are referring to?

    Maybe you are reading the one for this forum located here. The forum privacy policy has nothing to do with javacool's software......

  10. Shunned

    Shunned Guest


    This reply is in no way related to Javacool....I am not associated in any way.
    However, I have for many years fought spyware.....strongly opposed to such low-life tactics.
    May I explain somewhat: Every website you ever visited or ever will visit logs you ISP address.....its like the address of a house...if this was not done none of us would go anywhere on the mainly an un-addressed goes nowhere.
    As for your spam problem....are you awear that e-mail can be read by others after you sent, the information can be easily obtained from spam mailing lists......its a very common problem shared by all of us.
    The pop-up you mention...had you foolishly allowed your computer to be scanned ANYTHING could have result....a Trojan could have been placed on your computer that really would be tracting you..and much did right to ignor the pop-up...very wise!
    Again, think for a moment....ask yourself who would most benefit by dis-crediting a program like spywareguard..which prevents exploits.......think...THE BAD GUYS WOULD RELISH THE THOUGHT OF HAVING PEOPLE NOT USE IT......but the choice is yours to use it or not....just be sure you are not playing into the hands of the BAD GUYS...don't play their game...
    Smith I don't use my case I have other means installed definitely I would not be here typing this unless I KNEW FOR CERTAIN THAT IT WAS A GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!! But you and you alone has the final thats something the bad guys wont ever give you.....I sayed here all night...its 2:30 am my time...I haven't had supper....must get up at 6 a.m ,,, but I stayed here because its the right thing....people like yourself need to people like those at this forum devote their lives to helping payment involded.....we care!
  11. Shunned

    Shunned Guest


    one last comment from me. First, I type with two finger if I am holding a cup of hell with improper spelling....its you that matters.
    If you notice I am posting as a "guest" not a member of this forum. Now I would really need to be a super dummy to even be here if there were any products here that went against my beliefs.
    So, why not see for yourself...look around the the posts....see for yourself what these people are doing.....then you decide.....
  12. subratam

    subratam Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2003
    Issaquah, WA
    Once you say you are not that satisfied and...

    you say this software have been helping you if not "fully" according to you, but atleast made you safe a bit more.

    What are you saying?? what privacy policy?? why the hell should a program track you when the same program track trackers. like Kent, i would also want to know which privacy policy you are talking off?

    Can you give the reason, why the software is good to you? yes, it shut down browser hijacking.. right? what does a browser hijacker do? also another way to track you? and this software helped you to eradicate that tracking attempt.. just because this software wanted to track you... all alone and singly??

    Those of us , we use spywareguard and even those dont use, shunned, we know the same.. and wish the same...
    Think wise... and be wise.. life on web is as hostile as flying high over the bermuda triangle
  13. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    I suspect the privacy policy you found was from here:

    That privacy policy applies for, not, but I believe someone else has already addressed your concern over tracking IP addresses and such - every server does this whenever you make a connection. The server needs your IP address to know where to send data back, and logs the connection in the server logs.

    And I'll be very candid with you: First, the software does not have the capabilities to track you, and second I would not want to take such actions. There is absolutely no gain from betraying people's trust - it's something I target.

    I'm glad to hear it's been of some use.

    Again please see the information above. I'll have a privacy policy up on shortly. (A shortcoming, I will admit, but I couldn't have dreamed such allegations would be made.)

    And I'll add something: Those messages you are receiving back are probably from viruses sending out e-mails with your e-mail address spoofed. This activity does not require your password - it only requires knowledge of your e-mail address - many viruses pick up such e-mails from people's address books, sites they've browsed, or even e-mails they've sent. Most new worms and viruses do this.

    There is no need to dump the software. It is not tracking you, nor do I have any intention of doing so.

    And to add something else: The software does not make a connection to the server except for when you use the LiveUpdate function. And then, the only data it downloads is a text file from the server that contains information about the latest update files. Your system determines if you need updates and downloads the newest database files.

    I hope this clears up any confusion.

    Best regards,

  14. P Smith

    P Smith Guest

    The privacy policy I am mentioning is right at the top of this page, labeled as Privacy/TOS.

    It is a non-policy. It says that you want to be good, but that if you change your mind for any reason, you can sell my info and track and whatever without any notice whatsoever.

    I did not make the policy and I did not post it here. I just read it and was a bit surprised.

    Like I said, the software had great qualities but now that I have dumped it-behold-no mailer/daemon messages today and no problems with the spam.

    So what am I to think?

    The pop up that alerted me was targeted to Spyguard Spyware, identified it as a virus by stating that my PC was "infected" and offered to scan me and I think it said to eliminate it forever. It did not mention Wilder. I found Wilder by going to the SG icon and checking the info there.

    I am not blaming any one person for this. You probably have enemies and competitors who are sabotaging you. I feel bad for you, but I want the problem off my back and getting rid of your software seems to have done the trick.

    I will consider re-installing at a later date, but for now your spammer nemesis has my numbers and I really don't want them spamming the world in my name-

    As for the tracking, I understand that tracking is common for sites I visit. But I don't need a commercial spammer/tracker to be all over me because of the SG software. I just don't need it and can't handle it. I am a simple PC user who does not need the problem.

    I like SG and counted on it to be my anti virus protecter and also to do the ID blasting and so on. It worked well and was a free download so I cannot complain about the price.

    Best of luck to you and now I need to find another AV program-what a hassle!

    Now that it's all over, I really think that someone has sabotaged you. You sound sincere and you made a hell of a product. It is only for my own protection that I dumped it. I am sure that my situation is not the same as many other users.

    P. Smith
  15. MikeBCda

    MikeBCda Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2004
    southern Ont. Canada
    Just one last(?) comment, which even Javacool neglected to mention.

    We're currently going through an unpleasant phase in this field where one of the "in" tactics of spyware and its designers/operators is now to discredit or even disable anti-spyware and related software and sites. Youll find other threads here with a great deal of info about excellent sites which have been hit with destructive DOS attacks simply because they're on the "wrong" side from the point of view of spyware operators -- that is, they're on our side, the right side.

    And it's almost certain that the popup you saw was part of this, which is why we'd appreciate any help you can give us in indentifying who's behind it.
  16. dangitall

    dangitall Registered Member

    Feb 23, 2004
    New Hamster, USA
    They must not be teaching 'reading comprehension' these days.

    Mr. (I assume) P. Smith:

    As Javacool pointed out, the TOS at the top of this page is for Wilders, not for Javacool. He also pointed out the specific reasons why there is 'logging' going on, yet you steadfastly hold to your impression that Javacool, Wilders, or both are in some way possessed of nefarious and ulterior motives.

    If you choose to deny yourself the use of some of the best (in my opinion) safety-related software ever written and the company of some of the most knowledgeable anti-malware people in the world, then so be it. Just remember this: you made your choice due to a pop-up of uncertain origin. Hardly the best recommendation I could think of!
  17. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    P Smith,

    To be honest, I think you're drawing conclusions based on a few things that appear to be related, like the spam email messages and that first popup that appeared on your screen. Yet from your description of them they really don't sound related. And out on the Internet, it is extremely rare for incoming spam emails (and fake "bounce" messages) to be related to on-screen popups.

    Also, if they could send you spam email messages a day or two ago, that means they have your email address, right? Why would deinstalling SpywareGuard prevent them from continuing to send you more emails? Once they have your address, they have your address and are not likely to stop because of whatever software you are or are not running.

    You also said this...

    It seems far more likely that those emails are related to that problem than what software you're running, as well.

    That privacy policy belongs solely to and covers only this forum (Wilders Security Forums) and nothing else. Almost all forums have very similar policies. When people post on public forums the IP address of the system doing the posting always appears in the webserver log files, that's the way the Internet works.

    Javacool Software merely has a forum section here, but that is all. The policies related to his software are not in any way related to our forum and so too the reverse.

    Well, for the most part that policy has to do with legal requirements for covering people involved in illegal activities and trying to use this site to further those illegal activities. Again, that policy has only to do with what people post here and not Javacool Software products.

    That policy is not very different than most other public websites and forums.

    I think it is a coincidence, but it is highly unlikely that anything we can say here will change your mind as there is no reason for you to believe posts made here more than you'd believe that anonymous popup that was sent to your system which started all of this. (I'm guessing that popup appeared on your system without your permission, right? Makes you kind of wonder about the people behind that popup, I'd think.)

    Did it say Javacool's "SpywareGuard"? That is the product's name, not "Spyguard Spyware".

    I agree with you on one point. The people who make malicious spyware often target those who produce software to protect people from it. But, I disagree that removing SpywareGuard is likely to keep you from ever seeing spyware issues or spam messages in the future.

    I don't see why they'd stop using your name or email address in their efforts because you've deinstall one piece of protection software, but if you feel better and safer without SpywareGuard, then by all means don't use it.

    Fair enough. While we don't believe they can track you "because you use SpywareGuard", it is your peace of mind that is most important to you, so you must do what you feel is right. If you do end up with additional spyware problems, popups, spam email issues, please stop by and ask about those and perhaps we can help you resolve the issues.

    Uh, one thing about that statement. Javacool does NOT produce an anti-virus software package at all. SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster fight spyware and adware, not viruses. So, if you don't actually have a real Anti-Virus product, you certainly should get one. We all recommend that as the single most important piece of protective software, even before tools like Javacool's.

    Not a problem. We hope you find your system safe and secure ongoing, and if you do need our help in the future, please stop back and we'll do what we can. Otherwise, best of luck out there.
  18. P Smith

    P Smith Guest

    Well, what can I say? I dumped the SG last night and today the bogus messages stopped, and I have not seen the pop up since then either.

    I attempted to locate the source of the pop up but it did not identify itself. It outright accused you- SpyWare Guard- of tracking, and it specifically stated that you are using the information for sales to companies and to obtain passwords and other information to abuse my bank accounts, email accounts and other private information and sites.

    Normally, I would not pay attention to the crap on a pop up. But under the circumstances, the pop up did know that I had your software, it did accuse you, and I was having a problem with email security ongoing for about 10 days.

    Maybe it is a coincidence that the email problem stopped just after I erased SG. But it did happen.

    I was indeed under the impression that SG and ID Blaster protected me from viruses and I updated online a few times just like my old version of Norton, and I thought I was updating for virus definitions. I guess I was wrong.

    The SG software itself, in the information section, forwarded me to this site and listed as the designer/owner of the program. I came here and the first thing I did was check the privacy policy right here on this page. Now you say that is not the privacy policy for the SG-I can't figure that. I never saw anything about Javacool and I don't know what it is. Wilders was the only company mentioned in my SG software.

    I clicked the SG icon in the lower right of my screen. I clicked the about us section or whatever it was called. It listed this site and Wilder Security. I saw nothing about Javacool.

    Thanks for the info about the spam and the pop up. As a simple PC user, I cannot say what is what. I have to react to a threat and a hassle, which I did. The pop up was just icing on the cake, not the whole reason I began to doubt SG.

    From my perspective, someone got my email address, spammed the world on my name, sent me a pop up that blamed you for my problems and got me scared about the designers of SG using my passwords and obtaining information about bank accounts and so on, and then after I uninstalled SG the spam and the pop up left me alone.

    Since I use free commercial email companies, I guess that there are others in my position. I cannot say for sure, but I think the pop up came up right after I logged out of my email the day before yesterday.

    If you are being targeted by a competitor, I feel bad for you. I hope you get them. I also expect them to solicit me for their own software soon-and if that happens, I will let you know.

    P. Smith
  19. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Well, we are certainly sympathetic to the troubles you have had, and do wish you well in your continued online pursuits. As I said, we remain here if you encounter any other problems.

    Since you've deinstalled SpywareGuard, you obviously can't see the About information anymore, but just to clarify it, you can view the image below.

    The company producing the software is Javacool, as shown in the circle. The download link and the forum are provided by Wilders Security simply as a way to support the effort of providing free protection software to people on the Internet. Javacool is not the only software support in this way. But, Javacool and Wilders Security are separate entities who just happen to work together in this way.

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  20. Shunned

    Shunned Guest


    Have re-read your posts..observered your spelling, grammer useage, etc,. no, you are not a simpleton.
    You state that you have used norton anti-virus so you do have some knew about spyware..enough to previously use spyware guard........
    Years of experience has shown that rarely, if at all, does a simple computer user read the TOS....many experience computer don't..but you did.
    Here you were offered very comprehensive explanations. QUESTION: did you speak to the owners of that what explanations were you afforded? Surely you must have some rational in order to side with the owners of that spyware you have done.
    In contrast to some other posters let me be the first to say: Do However You Please! I can respect your decision an not waste any more time on the subject.
  21. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    What comes to mind: where and when exactly did the popup show up?
    I don't automatically delete all the spam i get, of course i use filters but i do look for possible nasties which might be interesting samples for the anti-trojan developers.
    Very recently we had several internet worms like explained above, which even had programmed senders like postmaster, hostmaster, mailer daemon, bounce addresses to send the nasties to your email as if they were bounce messages, and between there might have been real bounces.
    I look at them and see often from which IP address they were sent and it never was mine.

    In your firewall and email scanner as well as in your email client you will have options to allow only certain email accounts and amounts at a time to be sent using your system. You can easily test this with creating another email account in your email client and see if you try to send an email with that if you get warning and blocks etc on that. I do, and i had to configure and allow a few extra accounts i use on this system as well.
    So i know nothing goes unnoticed from my system.
    You can configure that only at your own press of the button the stuff is really sent, so you can check the outbox. At least have a copy in your sent folder which you occasionally check and empty. -- now hoping those worms would put their copies there too but i doubt.

    When i wade through the spam and infections (all disarmed by the scanners and software) i do get warnings of software wanting to start activeX or blocked stuff; specific subjects occasionally i look in the source if there is anything in them like opening new pages and other targets; in my browser is an extra popup warning which gives a sound if an illegal popup was blocked again ... etc.

    So when and where did you get the popup? At opening an email using some exploit?
    Then get rid of preview windows and read all email only in the restricted internet zone as even outlook express is default configured these days, don't forget the filters and scanners before even touching the emails.
    Never ever click an URL in them but only type the URL name yourself in the browser if you really want to go there. This to avoid being redirected to malware site X while you think to be going to goodware site Y.
    Make very sure you have also your windows updates all actual.

    I try to think really bad now, which is difficult for me. Imagine the following:
    I see a product X, freeware, very very successfull with all integrity etc, fine successfull, trusted everywhere.
    Now i am a producer of pruduct Y and i want to make money. So i piggyback in the good product's name in advertisements and using the fame, hoping people won't notice the difference and get my product, and maybe even pay for it. Great. Now i want to make more money. Contracts with advertisers and that big eleven zeros and more business, who start complaining. Why? their tracking is blocked all time for users who installed the good protective product X.
    So what can the malicious thinker do? Losing his business on the good guy or creating trolls in forums, creating bad advertisement, spamming and lots of other means and telling the innocent confused users with buying his product they are safe while people only open their ports wide for his business and even pay to be threated that way.

    So another time the question to PLEASE produce a screenshot of the popup --how were you so quick in tracking that it came from here and would be related to the software of JavaCool?
    And the place where you got it you most probably have saved as well so it can be investigated.

    Like said before i got the first time a spam mail about tracking software etc around the same time you started this thread. Nowhere spywareguard, JavaCool or were mentioned in my email.
    Which is the reason why i also urgently asked you to send your info to the Admins of this forum in an IM or email privately to them so they can help you comparing a few things.
    For your info: i do not need to visit such spammed URLs to find out their IP address etc and get popups of other malstuff.
  22. sig

    sig Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2002
    SpywareGuard is not an AV neither does it purport to be. It is in no way a substitute for an AV program and I can't magine where you got the impression that it was. Here's the SG page at Javacool's site. Also notice at the bottom of the page the copyright info. Wilders provides hosting and a support forum, that's all.

    Whatever popup you saw sounds like a typical scam that is all over the internet...advertising for "security" products by scaring people into thinking their infected or compromised by something and offering a free "scan" that often will result in a download of a dubious product which sometimes itself is or contains spyware. Typically these are browser borne popups although some try to mimic the design of MS alerts to further scare and lure unsuspecting users into their clutches. Usually these popups are the results of low security settings in IE.

    The makers of spyware have gone on the offensive, targeting antispyware applications and it is speculated even antispyware sites that have been DDoSed off the net as a result of prolonged concerted attacks. This sounds just like another round in this "war" against antispyware products that threaten their sleazy business.

    As previously mentioned, the TOS of this forum has nothing to do with Javacool's programs. Apples and oranges.

    Javacool's programs themselves do not contain spyware and do not track anything. If you prefer to believe anonymous popups rather than known and reputable individuals and software that is recognized and highly recommended in security/antispyware circles, that's your choice.
  23. Dano1957

    Dano1957 Registered Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    I got a post like that but it was from Microsoft for Antispyware and it changed my homepage. Hijack Blaster Identified and changed my homepage and settings back and saved my computer!!!

  24. BlackSwan

    BlackSwan Registered Member

    Jul 13, 2003
    It's highly unlikely the message/popup you got was actually from M$. I don't think even they would ever stoop so low.

    This thing with the fake anti-spyware popups is getting really old. Below is a screenshot of one I got a few minutes ago (at least they say it's an advertisement, albeit in tiny faded characters at the lower right corner).


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