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    Dec 28, 2007
    Well , if anything looks to good to be true...

    A few weeks ago I surfed past this site -http://www.xpenology.com-. I had an old WHS lying around, and well I like to tweak computers , so I gave it a try.
    After some tweaking I found my old WHS was running as a real Synology NAS :D :D :D ...
    Nicely done I thought.....:gack:

    Well you guys probably allready know where this is going...
    It turned out I installed A gaping backdoor on to my network, and they got in....

    I have no idea how long they have been looking around or what they did, but it scares me.

    So what did I do so far:

    Plugged my router (closed all outgoing ports). Found a furtual netwerk adaptor on one off my computers, wich I removed. Scanned for virus (nod32) and malware (Hitman pro). I use a password manager (Lastpass) with multifactor login. Havn't noticed any misuse there.

    I formatted all drives in the compromised machine.

    Still it was stupid, very stupid...

    What do you guys think, did I do enough damage control?

    Any additional things I should do?

    thx for your ( upcomming) advise.

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