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Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by slyder, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. slyder

    slyder Registered Member

    Jun 2, 2006

    I have already posted a sample to ESET, but just wondered if anyone else has noticed this?

    I set up a client and export the config to an xml file.
    The following settings seem the wrong way around in the xml:

    show splash screen
    advanced menu
    only show notifications requiring user intervention

    This is on 642 and 650
  2. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Nov 22, 2002
    Did you actually look into the CLIENT section? I've disabled the sound signal and it was exported correctly:

    <NODE NAME="GraphicMode" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowSplash" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="PageMode" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="SimpleMenu" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AdvancedMenu" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowMenu" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowToolTips" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowFocus" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AutoCloseMessage" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AutoCloseMessageDuration" VALUE="1E" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowAlert" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AlertPosition" VALUE="1FE023F" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="SilentMode" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowMomentaryMessageBox" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="MomentaryMessageBoxDuration" VALUE="78" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="LastWindowPosition" VALUE="1F4029E" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowDesktopAlert" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="DesktopAlertPosition1" VALUE="3C90629" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="DesktopAlertPosition2" VALUE="4600755" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="DesktopAlertDuration" VALUE="3" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="DesktopAlertTransparency" VALUE="14" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowBalloon" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="BalloonDuration" VALUE="A" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AnimateControls" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AnimateControlsSpeed" VALUE="5" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="AnimateIcons" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="PlaySound" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="ShowSchedulerSystemTasks" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
    <NODE NAME="SupportFirstName" VALUE="" TYPE="STRING" />
    <NODE NAME="SupportLastName" VALUE="" TYPE="STRING" />
    <NODE NAME="SupportMail" VALUE="" TYPE="STRING" />
    <NODE NAME="SupportCompany" VALUE="" TYPE="STRING" />
    <NODE NAME="SupportCountry" VALUE="FFFFFFFF" TYPE="DWORD" />
  3. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Sorry for the off-topic but sounds in v3 don't work at all . :rolleyes: Why at all you still keep that dead option ?!
  4. slyder

    slyder Registered Member

    Jun 2, 2006
    Hi Marcos,

    The value under "client" when I disable sound correctly changes from 1 to 0.

    However there is another entry for sound under "my profile" which stays at 1 even after disabling the sound and exporting the xml file.

    I think this is where it is going wrong?

    - <CLIENT>
    ---values cut to save space---
    <NODE NAME="PlaySound" VALUE="0" TYPE="DWORD" />

    - <PROFILES>
    - <NODE NAME="@My profile" TYPE="SUBNODE">
    ---values cut to save space---
    <NODE NAME="PlaySound" VALUE="1" TYPE="DWORD" />
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