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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Kees1958, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Kees1958

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    Jul 8, 2006
    With Windows7 coming up, the (better controlable UAC, new Fatex file system, hardware virtualisation with XP Mode) is security still an issue,

    Well when you have a reasonable CPU (hardware virtualisation) I would say not, because:

    OS related freeware

    - UAC sensitivity slider can be set: no Reason to not use UAC
    - Windows 7 FW is an excellent FW, which can be setup 2 way
    - MSE AV runs perfectly on x64

    - IE8 (x32 until flash x64 arrives) with Keyscrambler free and IE8's XSS protection and excellent Smart Screen Filter
    - Iron (Chrome clone without privacy issues) with switches --safe-plugins -incognito to even run policy constrained sandbox on top of UAC

    Additional freeware:

    - Pretty Good Security (true x64 :p )
    can be easily applied to run some internet facing aps as LUA (will not prompt for elevation, omit IE8 and Iron they run low rights by default, so you can include dll's also) and optionally you can set the C:\Users area to deny execute

    - ThreatFire

    - Returnil

    - Comodo

    - Windows 7 FireWall control

    Security freeware for every type of user
    a) unskilled user = use Threatfire plus W7FWC

    b) smart security enthousiast (e.g. gamer :cool: )
    - run a default deny policy with PGS and run internet facing aps as LUA
    - use Vista FW 2-way

    c) security paranoid media junkie (visiting the dark site of the Web :D )
    - run Returnil (remember to turn off automatic defragging/hibernation)
    - run PGS with deny execute SRP

    d) security Trust no-one/Decide It Yourself (hyper activist who think she/she can make better judgements than TF team)
    - use Comodo FW in paranoid mode (all other modes provide fake security or schein sicherheit)

    What a nice outlook :D
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