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    Hi All, ;)

    Would it be possible to create a sticky post … as a kind one stop shopping for Internet Security … Similar to Wilders.org … but would also include things like “ How did I get infected in the First place?” … along with the Administrators picks for firewalls, AV’s, AT’s, etc. I think links all located in one place could be handy for one an all …

    Example Layout:

    1. Link to “How did I get infected in the first place?”
    2. Wilders’ recommendations for Firewalls ( freeware & Licensed products)
    3. Same as above for AV’s & as well as suggestion/input regarding a non-resident back up.
    4. Same recommendations for AT’s + your thoughts on A² (freeware)
    5. Freeware Security Apps ie. Javacool’s products, Ad-Aware, Spybot, IE Spyad
    6. Other useful apps … ie. Regseeker, Host File Reader etc.
    7. Replacement browsers & email clients

    Edit -> added number 8

    8. Link for resources ie. Sheilds Up, Cexx ... other forums etc.

    Also include in closing … Steps for Hijack Help … registration required sticky & the Steps for Hijack Help sticky …

    Just a suggestion … I know you’re all very busy … I could start it (if you wish), PM it to you, then you could modify and improve it, and post it as a sticky.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks :)

    dog - *puppy*
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Thread Status:
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