WinUtilities Pro 3-PC Lifetime $20

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    In case you don't want to wait around for another GOTD single license offer, this is a screaming deal, one I took advantage of a couple of years ago. Prior, I'd been using the free version for several years. Powerful, stable and never caused any problems for me.

    Find the secret Merry Christmas 75% off thing:

    And yes - this, that or the other thing you're using is better, of course. And free. Please, please, please tell us all about it! :rolleyes: Not. :D

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    Sep 13, 2014
    How do you like this?

    Right now I use Glary (Free Pro for Life), and scheduled background cleanings once a night on all PC's. Then I use Kerish Doctor (1 year free) on all machines for continuous maintenance, and error prevention, Kerish is also 'secondary' malware on-access in place of MalwareBytes because it offers no weight to the system.