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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by The Unknown, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. The Unknown

    The Unknown Guest

    How come NOD32 doesnt detect this? Yes I have the recommended settings for NOD and yes I have submitted it to ESET. Supposedly Norton can detect this.....Oooh wow, I guess this is the .001 % where Norton detects something that NOD doesnt.

    BTW, I have converted 5 people (2 with 2yr license) to NOD 32. I convert people when I'm doing Computer work for them. I've even converted people that just bought Norton 2005 this month!!

    Lets face it NOD32 is well written software. I do this for a living so heres my experience. User calls complaining of slow system. I goto remove "spyware" because they couldnt have viruses on their systems. I mean..they have Norton for God's sake! I do my scans and I usually use Bit Defender to scan for viruses. Well it always picks them up so I tell them the deal about Norton or their current AVP. We install NOD32, and voila it finds more stuff.

    I deleted this file already and all things related in the registry, can somebody run some scans to see if any programs in this forum detect it save Process Guard?
  2. The Unknown

    The Unknown Guest

    **I havent had experiences with customers calling me up with Norton 2005. All the instances were based on Norton 2003/2004, and Systemworks 2003/2004. The problems that I had were with Norton not detecting all "Viruses" meaning that the older programs with new updates failed to do that part effictively. I didn't skew the angle and base it on the trojan/spyware/adware/ADS streams detection effectiveness.

    Pulling this post together, I've shown that Nod32 has effectively made the customer's computer operational because those Norton versions had failed to do the job. This is conclusive from my last 7 in home Virus removals.

    Why didnt ESET put the wintcpmod.exe signature in Nod32 when Norton did last year?
  3. The Unknown

    The Unknown Guest

    Meaning that the program was not INSTALLED on their computer. In one instance they had bought it, but had not installed it over Norton 2004.

    I had already read the sticky about submitting samples. I'm just curious about this particular application because its up to no good.

    Sorry for any confusion.
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