WinPE 3.0 Based Recovery Enviroment

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by camper913, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. camper913

    camper913 Registered Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    Just what does this mean in the purchased versions of the backup programs. What I need to know is, with the paid versions do you get the WinPE recovery program, of which I take it to be used to restore your backup if your windows system will not boot, is this right. If you do a complete backup to CD or DVD and want to restore it and the backup program is installed all you have to do is click on restore and point to your CD or DVD disk and go. Are your backup CD or DVD's bootable when you made them.

  2. SIW2

    SIW2 Registered Member

    Sep 6, 2009
    Hi Camper,

    You can make bootable backup dvd's if you like.

    The WinPe cd is different.

    You boot that to enter the windows pe ( mini windows ) environment.

    Included in that is the Paragon program ,which you can run from memory - in case you can't boot into windows.

    The WinPe cd does not include the backup images - it contains the Paragon program.

    You can navigate to where you have your backups stored, and restore from there. It also includes a number of other functions , e.g. partitioning, undeleting, and boot correction.

    The advantage of the winpe cd is that it has wider hardware support and the ability to load drivers - it also has a better GUI.

    Hope it helps.
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