Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM Setup RAID Driver Floppy (F6) works only once.

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Devinco, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Devinco

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    Jul 2, 2004
    I am reinstalling Windows clean on a system.
    Accidently I came across this mystery because I needed to exit out of setup and start it again.

    I copied the RAID drivers from hard drive to floppy so that the RAID controllers can be recognized during the non-GUI part of setup (when you have to press F6 at the beginning). For some unknown reason, the RAID driver floppy works correctly the first time to install the RAID drivers, but the second time (after exiting setup, rebooting, and starting setup again) it has somehow been altered to not work EVEN WITH WRITE PROTECT ENABLED ON THE FLOPPY.

    The floppy drive has not been showing any signs trouble. The diskette has no problems. The problem is reproducible on different floppies.

    Here are the symptoms:

    First run, non-GUI setup, RAID driver floppy is in drive (write protected). When setup begins, floppy is accessed and makes about 2 typical floppy access quiet type sounds.
    I press F6 at the right time and when the prompt appears, press S to specify additional devices. The following screen correctly appears:

    After installing the RAID drivers, I exit Setup (F3) and reboot. Floppy is still write protected and boot from XP Setup CD.

    Second run, non-GUI setup.
    When setup begins, floppy is accessed and makes about 3 louder floppy access sounds. It is different than the first run and sounds more like when a floppy is looking for something it can't find. But there is no error yet.
    I press F6 at the right time and when the prompt appears, press S to specify additional devices. This different screen appears:

    I press enter and again the floppy drive makes 3 louder access sounds.
    An error appears.
    I exit Setup (F3) and reboot into the still present windows on the hard drive (removing the XP Setup CD).
    I remove the write protect from floppy and MOVE txtsetup.oem onto the hard drive. I then MOVE the SAME file back to the floppy.
    I write protect the floppy again and reboot with the XP Setup CD.
    The RAID Driver floppy now works correctly only the first time it is used.
    The second time it does not work.
    The write protect was intact.
    I used Karenware's hasher to do a hash on ALL the files on the floppy after the second time when the floppy doesn't work and compared them with the original RAID driver files on the Hard Drive. I used SHA-1 hash function. All floppy files have identical hashes to the original files.
    Something is being changed between the first time the floppy is used (when it works) and the second time (when I get the error).
    If that something is changed on the Hard Drive, then why is it that simply moving a file from and back to the floppy resets the floppy so it can be used again only once?
    If something is changed on the floppy, then XP Pro SP2 OEM Setup is somehow able to bypass floppy write protection to modify something on the floppy?
    But the hashes of all the files match, so this doesn't make any sense at all.

    It's a mystery to me. Any ideas?
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