windows me updates (how to download and copy to cd?)

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by mr burns, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. mr burns

    mr burns Guest

    wondering if anyone can help me here.

    my friend has windows me on his pc. the pc is crippled with all sorts of viruses and spyware and trojans. i'm working my way through trying to remove the stuff. his pc has been out of action for some time, and he's not been able to access the internet. he's also not sure if he's ever updated windows me from the microsoft site!

    i run windows xp, so every time i visit the microsoft site to check for updates, even when i go to the windows me pages, the site detects my xp system and offers any xp updates.

    i want to download any me updates onto a cd and then run them on his pc to make sure he's up to date again. is this possible??

    thanks for any help forthcoming!
  2. zcv

    zcv Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2002
    Try the Catalog Download site
    This site theoretically has all the updates for a OS.

    You may have a little trouble because it's the old v4 site - XP's download software is v5 now.

    You will still have to go thru a scan, but it will show you ME update category if I remember correctly. Can't tell you for sure because I dual boot ME w/XP and go to the Catalog site via the appropriate OS.

    If as you say, no updates were ever done, then all the items would be appropriate to apply, because otherwise you would have to go thru a scan w/ME via the regular update site to find out which ones to download.

    Regards - Charles
  3. Mr.Zex

    Mr.Zex Guest

    I have Windows me and tried to download all the updates and put them on a cd for reformats/reinstalls but was unable to do so for basically two reasons.

    1. When i went to Windows update site, i did find the updates that can be manually downloaded, wasn't easy. But i looked at what had already been put on my computer first, and what could be downloaded manually, and they weren't the same listed updates that i already had on my computer. It seems like they just try to make it difficult for anyone who wants to manually download all the correct updates. Some listed updates seemed to have different names than what was listed as being on my computer too.

    2. I have heard when installing the updates manually you must restart your computer at the proper time after installing certain updates or they won't install properly. And they absolutely must be installed in the exact order that M$ would have originally installed them if you had gone to Windows update and downloaded/installed them.

    So i found it rather difficult to follow all those steps to the letter. Maybe there's another way but i haven't found one. Here's a link to exactly how to download them step by step. The link says it's for Windows 98se, but it will work with ME too. Good luck.,5255271~root=winme~mode=flat#5264523
  4. TheSnowGuy

    TheSnowGuy Guest

    You would do better just to run the restore DISC.....placing security updates on an infected computer wont remove the infections.......first clean the computer..then update......
  5. TheSnowGuy

    TheSnowGuy Guest

    Mr Burns

    .....yes, there are places where the complete set of M$ security updates for winME could be obtained.....perhaps someone else will guide you to such a spot.......after recently being flamed I now no longer offer suggestion to now simply advicing you that there are means of downloading the security patches.......
  6. mr burns

    mr burns Guest

    thanks for the advice. i am actually in the middle of cleaning the pc, i just want to download any available updates in order to put them on once the clean-up is complete.

    thanks to the others who took time to answer too. i'll check out those suggestions.
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