windows fails to loads after installing AVG6 Free

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by xTiNcTion, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. xTiNcTion

    xTiNcTion Registered Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    used> NAV2001 as resident AV. then just tried PC-Cillin and found JS_Seeker. i guess my NAV is blind as alway :mad:
    hope this trojan was remove. have to say i use TDS3 trial updated and it didn't find any trojan o_O

    removed PC-Cillin and installed AVG 6 Free Edition. when restarting windows fails to load. suddenly on msdos boot screen my pc turn off; it happens 2 time. :(

    i can believe it. this is happening all the time. updated AV and still get infected !!! i think Norton AV s*ck.

    This PC is not used for visiting porn site, warez, crack related. i used it for my job. i don't know if it still infected. o_O

    looking for a good antivirus, help needed !!! :)

    mobo MSI 6368 , PIII, HD Western Digital, LiteON CDRW 52x...
    used> Kerio 2.15 at BZ advanced ruleset style, SpyBot SD, Spywareblaster, MRUBlaster, spywareguard, Mailwasher, on Win98se

    PD: sorry for my bad english :D
  2. Madsen DK

    Madsen DK Registered Member

    Nov 23, 2002
    Hi .
    If you can go online, check your system with one,ot both, of these onlinescanners. Pandas & Trends are two of the best.
    If PcCillin works for you, i would keep that, and not choose AVG.
    IMO PcCillin is miles better than AVG.
    You could also try a NOD-32 trail.
    I dont quite agree with your comments about NAV, but thats another story :D
    About your load probs. You did remember to uninstall NAV too before trying the others.??
    Hope this helps.
    Regds Ole
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