Windows 7 x64 and OSS 9.2: Handle Leak =(

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by syrinx, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. syrinx

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Hi everyone, I noticed a strange problem on my Windows 7 x64 machine. I had updated Agnitum Outpost Security Suite to version 9.2 but just recently realized it has this issue on my PC. At boot the acs.exe handle count was around 500ish but within an hour of use it was over 6000 and still randomly climbing! I tried removing other programs and finding a conflict (eg uninstalled NOD and others) but so far have been unsuccessful in linking it to anything else. My only resort has been to revert to version 9.1 again where it has a handle count of 300ish at boot and never goes crazy.

    Have any other Agnitum Outpost users noticed a handle leak on their machine with 9.2 after a few hours of use?

    I'll likely install a clean version of Windows 7 in a VM and try to replicate the issue but I'm trying to figure out if it's just me...
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  2. Boblvf

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    Aug 10, 2014

    The better antivirus are not compatible with Outpost firewall, two drivers and two proactive systems create conflicts.

    Keep Windows defender ( Microsoft security essentials ).
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    Aug 27, 2006
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    handle leak fixed in OP v. 9.3 recently released.