windows 7 with fdisr, without disc, no sweat ;)

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by chrome_sturmen, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. chrome_sturmen

    chrome_sturmen Registered Member

    Apr 29, 2006
    im working with a laptop, that im gonna use as my stereo, it has no dvd burner,only a dvd rom - heres how i got win7 installed, and working, with the legendary firstdefense:blink:

    step 1 - i created a 6 gig partition

    2- created an iso from the win7 disc

    3-opened the iso i created with ultra iso, and extracted all contents of the iso, to the empty partition i created
    4- clicked the setup file, from the extracted iso on said partition - asked me where to install, i chose c of course

    5- installation began and eventually finished, then inside win7 i followed the instructions elsewhere on this board...... installed fdisr

    6- formated and deleted the partition id made to extract the contents of the win7 iso

    my existing snapshots were found, ive booted to and from several, with no trouble, its working properly.....

    i now have a beer for the remaining loyal and few fdisr adherents ;) heres to you pete50:thumb:

    i'd like to thank Panagiotis, bellagmin, wilbertnl, pete2150, ericalbert, zannetti, michaeil z. nash, my pastor, the guy who loaned me 5 bucks the other day, and last but never least chris....
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Thread Status:
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