[Windows 7] Not recognizing non-English words/characters

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Note: For diagnosis purposes I'm referring to Program Files in our language as being "Programs".

    So far I haven't come across anything useful, so I'm hoping someone may point me in the right direction.

    A relative of mine came to me complaining issues with Windows 7. I had installed Chromium recently in this relative's computer, and I saved the program in Program Files.

    Considering that my relative does not use the English version of Windows, Program Files is worded differently, obviously.

    I had created different Chromium profiles (under "Programs"), one of them containing letters that are not part of the English vocabulary.

    When running one of the Chromium shortcuts I had placed at the Desktop, my relative noticed an error saying the path did not exist. It did and it does exist, though.

    Apparently, when creating a folder under "Programs", my relative made a mistake and created another "Programs" folder under C:\.

    Windows automatically protected the main "Programs", making it now be Program Files. So, now Windows only accepts English words*. What used to be "Programs" is now Program Files.

    * Or better yet, only accepts English letters.

    If I go to C:\, I see the folder "Programs", but Windows does no longer recognize it as such. Windows recognizes it as Program Files.

    Does anyone have a clue of how to make it accept our language again?

    I verified the keyboard language and all that, and it's our language.
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