windows 10 sd card issue

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    Jun 22, 2006
    Hey all,
    I have been trying to format an sd card to ntfs on windows 10 and copy some music files to it.
    it seems like a straight forward task. my dad's car only supports hfs+ ntfs or fat32
    since i do not have a mac and windows 10 only allowing ntfs or exfat I thought ntfs would be the best choice.

    I had an issue yesterday using another windows 10 computer in that an sd card failed to copy some files then disappeared from the system and then reported it wasn't formatted when the card was reinserted.

    to test if the issue with formatting the card was a windows 10 issue i tried formatting the card to ntfs on my windows 7 laptop and it formatted almost instantly. I then put the card back in to a windows 10 computer as the music files are on that computer. the files failed to copy. I have now copied the files to a usb external hard drive and copying the files using my windows 7 laptop to the sd card formatted as ntfs without any issues.

    the first windows 10 computer is a acer e1-571 laptop and the other windows 10 computer is a dell inspirion desktop.

    I also tried installing paragon partition manager on windows 10 and that also failed to format the sd card.
    has anyone else had issues with windows 10 and sd cards?

    I would strongly advice backing up any important data from the sd card using another operating system before testing as windows 10 seems to have some major issues with sd card and can cause data loss. the sd card that i was deleting some files from had some data i did want but luckily I can re obtain that data.