Windows 10 fails to start after converting HDD from MBR to GPT

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  1. switch284

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    Nov 10, 2015
    This is just first stage of moving windows 10 to new SSD
    I converted my windows HDD from MBR to GPT with Paragon Disk Manager
    Now the computer will not boot into windows
    My end result is Windows 10 on new Samsung SSD 950 Pro
    Unfortunately I have Windows 10 upgrade and Windows 7 will not install on NVMe so hence I made fresh install of Windows 7 on HDD, upgraded to windows 10 which only installs on same drive as where windows 7 is
    The migrate to SSD command in Disk manager copied all the files but would not boot from the new copy. This was done while both HDD & SSD were MBR partition tables
    So I thought to repeat SSD migration after converting my HDD to GPT