Windows 10 Chkdsk question about EA records

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    Nov 9, 2006
    I've been using Windows 10 since January and this is a first weird event (other than forced updates of course).
    Two days ago, during restart, before I had a chance to select windows 7 or 10, my laptop was doing major disk checking of the Windows 10 partition. Windows 7 and data partitions were also checked, but were OK. Windows 10 has problems.
    - Thousands of entries said something about EA attributes
    ... but then, thousands of lines later, event log ended

    - Reliability View for May21 reports that Windows stopped working
    - Then yesterday Acronis imaging threw a warning (not error) about MFT bitmap corrupted. That really got me scared even though everything seems to work just fine.

    - Today I repeated chkdsk of the Windows 10 partition. I ran it from windows 7, and it reported 33320 reparse records.
    ... and on and on it goes ... and shows no end in sight
    other than a message that all bad files were moved (or copied, can't recall) to "Found" folder.
    Windows 10 has a "Found.000" folder. It's empty.

    I googled these out
    it might as well be written in chinese. There is something about those EA attributes in the OS/2 section there. Means nothing to me.
    This link is a bit more clear, says not to worry, but the answer was to the user who had only few such records

    I still don't know if chkdsk was even completed since the event log is cut off. I think not. How can I tell? And how can I tell if MFT is or is not OK?

    EDIT: should I have posted this is Backup/disk mgt section?