Win8.2 gossip, Win9 rumours and WinCloud murmur

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  1. Baserk

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    Apr 14, 2008
    AmstelodamUM reports link on a post from Wzor (GoogleTranslate) link, a source who has proven to be right about Microsoft news before.
    Wzor reports on upcoming update for Win8.1 in September '14, 'Win8.1 Update 2' or 'Win8.2'.
    A new start menu will be added, mixing the old XP<->7 Start Menu with some app Tiles.
    Win9 will offer a Start menu depending whether the device is touch-based, or not. Apparently even MS agrees by now that a touch-UI is bollocks on a non-touch device.
    Supposedly Microsoft is also working on a prototype of a cloud based OS.
    See first link for pics and more details on accurate gossip and rumor.

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