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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by Geoff_C, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Geoff_C

    Geoff_C Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2013
    I cant find any windows 8 stuff here using the search.

    I uninstalled eset because i was having problems with Win 8 which did not recognise the ethernet port on my motherboard. It turns out it just won't, and so I am using a wifi web connection on that machine, but I became so disillusioned that I am now posting this from a mac book Pro. Still I would like to have the PC until I have got all my equivalent apps onto the Mac.

    I discovered today that the PC would not reach some web sites that it should have, because this mac was getting there through the same router, so it seems I had an infection on the Win 8 machine.

    I could not get eset to install, and so I ran the web based checking tool, which found and removed two instances of a java exploit. But I still have not managed to get the Eset installer to complete, and I cant find the eset program anywhere on the PC. It simply is not found via the app search, nor is it on the application page. I see online that because of tech stuff, it wont show up on the application bar at the bottom either. So, it seems I have no way of actually loading eset? The windows firewall reports that eset is in control of its settings, and so no changes can be made there either.

    How can I discover if eset is or is not installed correctly on my win 8 pc? I am very suspicious it is not, because i have not been asked to enter the user details that one expects, such as licence details.

  2. er34

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    Hello and welcome onboard!

    Most probably, something got corrupted, and because of what you describe, ESET is not installed correctly.

    Reboot in Safe Mode with Networking, download and run ESET uninstaller tool:

    Then in Normal mode, perform this:

    Then, you should be able to install the product. Should you encounter errors, post the code here or wait for further specific instructions . Common error installation codes:
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