Why some websites didn't open or connect?

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    I've noticed that there are times when surfing the net that there are some sites that do not open. In the past I thought that maybe the server of that particular site was down or there connection is problematic or something like that but at the back of my mind I was also thinking that maybe there are some software programs or maybe firefox addons that could really affect internet connection and that could also prevent some sites to connect and open.

    This don't happen all the time, there are times that I could connect to almost all sites but there are times that many sites don't open successfully. It just has a blank page like no connection.

    Do you think there are times that uBlock could possibly affect some sites to open? Even if I didn't see any warnings on the page that it was block by this addon?

    Do you think there are times that Panda Free Antivirus could affect some sites preventing to open?

    If you can add something in your personal experience and expert observations pls share it.

    Tnx and A Happy New Year to All from the Philippines.
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    It could be any number of things so your best best is to narrow it down.

    If it's Firefox, first try Safe Mode; that'll tell you if it's an add-on problem. Another thing you could do is try another browser; Opera and Chrome are available as PortableApps. If a different browser works then you'll know it's your browser, possibly a setting. If other browsers don't work then it could be your antivirus or firewall.

    Hope that helps.