who has lic keys that do not expire?

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    on my zx10-r
    maybe a mod can change the title to av lic keys and when they expire if left unused or something like that. i thought about the title afterwards and i cant seem to edit the title.

    i buy a number of keys when i get a great deal on them to keep on hand for family and friends and it seems you cant do that now with many av companies so id like to start a list of who does or doesnt allow it and or how long you have to do so.

    ill start

    webroot keys do not expire

    eset lic keys do not ever expire

    avira is now saying 2 years. last year they told me in multiple emails that all one had to do was email them and they would exchange the lic key but it seems like they are not doing that now from a few reports i am reading. they did exchange 2 keys for me last year but i have friends who are saying they emailed them and they will not do this now. imo BAD move by avira especially after telling people last year that if ever you had one that expired you could simply email and exchange it.

    kaspersky is 5 years.

    panda as far as i am told do not expire (just tested a key from 2009 and it worked fine)
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  2. Krusty

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    Norton Keys last years. Recently a 2011 key was determined to be still acceptable.
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    Jan 21, 2010
    Good idea for a thread.
    Never done it that way except kaspersky but that was a few years ago
  4. m0unds

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    Nov 12, 2015
    It seems that Trend Micro keys don't expire, as a buddy of mine just activated an old IS 2010 key in the 2016 product
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    I also buy some ahead. I buy nearly all off eBay without problems. I find Norton, and Kaspersky do not expire. Avira does, but re-issued one for me this year. I had another, but they did not reissue it. I am not sure of the policy of Avast, but if you did not buy it from them they will not even talk to you about the license. Only Avast ask about where you bought it. That is OK, but I like to get licenses cheaper than from the official site.