What to use for new SSD

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Have Paragon HD utilities 14.
    Going to add a Samsung pro 256 GB SSD to a Dell Insperion 660 with a 1 TB HDD.

    After I install the SSD is it as simple as just restoring and image to the SSD from the old HDD of a larger size? I am only using about 90GB on the HDD.

    Also I will want to make the new SSD have a drive letter of C. And the old drive anyother letter. How & when would I do this?

    After the SSD is working. I then want to take the old HDD and give it two partitions. One of 256 GB so I can save an image from the SSD once a month and restore it to this partition so I always have a backup bootable drive. The rest of the HDD I may not even use. Don't really need the space for now.
    Is this part easy to figure out with the Paragon software?

    Sorry so many questions. Thanks for any help