What security issues do you worry about?

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What security issues most concern you?

  1. Theft of financial or other personal data

    32 vote(s)
  2. Loss or destruction of personal data

    7 vote(s)
  3. Child/family safety online

    1 vote(s)
  4. Computer becoming part of a botnet

    2 vote(s)
  5. Other

    3 vote(s)
  1. (Based on the discussion in the "Do you feel safe?" thread...)

    What potential security-related hazards are of largest concern to you? Please explain why...

    For mine, the two things I really worry about are financial stuff and data integrity.

    - I don't make online purchases often, but when I do, I want to be pretty sure that nobody is logging my keystrokes. On a vanilla Windows install I'm doubtful that I can be sure enough.

    - On the data end of things, I'm worried about two things:

    a) Personal data loss. I have an archive of personal stuff, which is updated frequently enough that I can't keep up-to-date read-only backups - USB sticks have to suffice. None of it is any use to a greedy blackhat, but if destroyed it would mostly be irreplaceable.

    b) I've dabbled in the development of certain software; one of my machines getting compromised, and being used to commit malware to my project repositories, would be Very Bad.

    So half[1] of why I use Linux is those three factors. That it isn't targeted by mainstream malware may be security through obscurity, but it serves my purposes, and judging from its current state, will continue to do so for quite a while.

    [1] The other half is actually convenience. As complicated as Linux is, it is laughably simple compared to Windows; maintaining a Linux system, maintaining backups of it, and doing all manner of "geek stuff" on it is much easier than on Windows.
  2. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    May 11, 2011
    Control of my computer is access to everything about me. If someone were to gain root in my system they could access everything - my email, IM conversations, visited websites, form fill data, schedule, contacts, work, financial information, etc.

    That's a lot of personal information that could make my life very difficult.

    It may not be as profitable to attack me directly when an attacker can attack hundreds of others but it is still absolutely profitable. So while I'm not actively worrying about my security I take some significant measures against attacks.
  3. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    Out of the options listed, it would be Financial Data Theft or Personal Information theft.
    Although to be honest, my main desktop has almost no personal info, no chat logs, no contacts, no e-mail clients, nothing. Just a few games and things from school.
    However my "Secure" PC which is another PC has all that info but i don't do anything there, only banking and sometimes IM. :D
  4. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    May 3, 2011
    Parallel Universe
    I chose the first option. I do online banking. I feel pretty safe though as because I follow safety measures thanks to some wonderful threads of how to carry out online banking here in the Winders Forum. :D
  5. luciddream

    luciddream Registered Member

    Mar 22, 2007
    From the things on this list, the first thing "theft of personal data" the most, by far. And more generically, privacy related issues like that. I feel very well hardened against malware. So privacy & anonymity are my focal points. I want to avoid personally identifiable info. mainly from getting out there. Or any info. that can target me.

    And even though I'm not doing anything shady, it's nobody elses business what I'm doing. Using Ixquick as opposed to say Google as a search engine goes a long way in this regard. I don't want some database of every click/keystroke I ever make being accumulated somewhere. Even if all I'm doing is watching videos of paint drying & grass growing on Youtube. For the same reason I pull my blinds at night even though all I'm doing is playing video games... because I don't like people looking at me when I can't see them back.
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  6. digmor crusher

    digmor crusher Registered Member

    Jul 6, 2012
    i don't really worry, I try to live my life without fear. If it happens it happens, not going to spend my life worrying about crap that may or may not happen. I have security on my computer, I do not go over board, I have better things to do than obsess about my computers security.
  7. Rmus

    Rmus Exploit Analyst

    Mar 16, 2005
    Because of the word "worry" in the title, I didn't vote.

    The following are the first entrants for the word "worry" in two dictionaries:

    The possibility of theft/loss of items of financial/personal data existed long before digital storage of such data.

    I learned/was taught how to take precautionary measures regarding such data, but I never put myself in a state of worry over it.

  8. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    Sep 25, 2007

  9. Brandonn2010

    Brandonn2010 Registered Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Theft of personal data. Malware seems to be focusing more on stealing information than just causing damage.
  10. Get

    Get Registered Member

    Nov 26, 2009
    the Netherlands
    Not really worrying, but I have family that is knowingly taking chances with no av, but no alternative. For myself I don't worry at all.
  11. niki

    niki Registered Member

    Jun 9, 2010
    I seldom purchase stuff online. When I do and also when internet banking, I use the On-Screen Keyboard for input of personal info. Don't really know if that helps though. :doubt:
  12. EncryptedBytes

    EncryptedBytes Registered Member

    Feb 20, 2011
    For me it’s the loss of PII/SPII/PHI. My personal setup is pretty much secure as it can be to a point of still being practical and usable. While the other options on this poll are still on my radar none really concern me as they would have say on earlier systems. If someone were to gain access to my system they would not really gain anything except a really big headache trying to gain any meaningful information. I am more concerned about my PII/SPII/PHI being exposed or handled inappropriately due to 3rd party exposure be it criminal conduct or poor security practices/controls. Why this keeps me up is how really it is out of my control.
  13. Boost

    Boost Registered Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    I dont worry,period.There's more important things / issues to worry about then PC security.Install your software,etc then get on with your life,life is short enough.
  14. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Last Breath Farm
    Loss or destruction of personal data is the area that most concerns me.
    I consider loss of financial data to fall under that category as well.
    I agree with the respondents who objected to the term "worry".
    I would be worried if I didn't have security layers in place.
    But the OP has also posed the question in more than one way, thus allowing me to vote without taking issue. ;)

    security concern poll.jpg
  15. nikanthpromod

    nikanthpromod Registered Member

    Oct 9, 2009
    Data theft..
  16. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    Jan 4, 2009
    I fear a bit of the first two options. The first one being Loss or destruction of personal data.

    I have quite a few documents, and quite a few private that I protect from lurkers, and also create backups. My fear is: What if all the redudancy backups I created fail?

    This makes think of creating an extra redundancy - online storage. Which brings me to the concern of Theft of financial or other personal data.

    Not much if some attacker can get access to my encrypted data, more what if they simply take it away from the storage servers? :D

    Which makes me think I should start buying more redundancy HDD/flash drives/DVDs. :D

    Never thought about it this way... Great thread! :argh:
  17. xxJackxx

    xxJackxx Registered Member

    Oct 23, 2008
    I voted "Theft of financial or other personal data". It is the one that is beyond my control. I have already had personal data stolen from Sony and a couple of others and I am greatly disappointed in their lack of effort to secure my data.