What firewall rules should I create (ESET Smart Security, Win 8.1 x64)

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    Sep 20, 2010
    Hey there,

    so far I have been using CIS and KIS which come naturally with a pre-configured ruleset for browser,mail,etc.

    I have now switched to ESET Smart Security v8 with interactive firewall mode which has pre-configured rules for the system (although I still get asked for runddll32.dll and svchost.exe). I am now wondering which rules I should create for my system and also my apps.

    E.g. browser only outgoing tcp/udp to port 80,443,8080.

    What about torrent, mail, skype, other system files/process,.... ?

    What are your rulesets that you created ?



    Something like this but for more apps would be usefull :)

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