What can a website tell about me if I don't prevent DNS leaks?

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by DesuMaiden, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Jan 25, 2013
    What can the web site's server tell about me? What Google Analytics learn about me if I don't use Google, but I browse a web site with a DNS leak? Apparently no-Scripts tells me that there is Google Analytics on a certain forum I was browsing. I am not sure what kind of personal information Google Analytics is gathering.

    I use a VPN so my IP address is hidden from the web site's server, but my DNS is leaking. What geographic information can the website's server and Google analytics learn about me if I have DNS leaks but a hidden IP address?

    What does a website know from a DNS leak? I'm certainly not Googling without Tor + an HTTPs web-proxy proxy ontop of Tor. The HTTPS proxy (on top of Tor) allows me to by-pass the ip-ban Google does on Tor exit nodes, because Google sees the ip-address of the web proxy instead of Tor's.

    So it works like this

    1) Me------>2) My ISP--------->3) Tor-------->4) HTTPs Web Proxy------>5) Google

    Since Google doesn't block 4) (the HTTPS Web Proxy), I am able to Google with the HTTPS web proxy.
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