What Anti-Trojan SW to use ?

Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by Defenestration, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. Defenestration

    Defenestration Registered Member

    Jul 17, 2004

    I'm currently using Kaspersky AV Personal 5, LooknStop 2.5 firewall, SpyBot 1.3, Ad-aware 6 Free, Firefox and MyIE2 (for when Firefox doesn't work). After looking into security it looks like I've been missing a key component - an Anti-Trojan scanner. I've been impressed with all the rave reviews of TDS-3 and TrojanHunter. From what I gather TDS is considered superior but is harder to use and slower (this is a big drag for me. I hope TDS-4 is rewritten to have a more consistent UI and be a lot faster, using C or C++ instead of VB as it currently is, I think). Some people seem to run both TDS and TH - Is this necessary or will TDS protect me sufficiently ?

    I've also thought about getting Process Guard, Port Explorer and Worm Guard but am not sure if they are really necessary and so have a few more questions:

    1) Port Explorer as I understand it is useful for investigating what's going on with the connection and what data is being transferred. How and why would you actually use this in real-life situations though ?

    2) Will the functionality of Process Guard and Worm Guard really improve the security of my system with all the other SW installed ?


    PS. I'm on WinXP Home SP1, stand-alone PC
  2. nick s

    nick s Registered Member

    Nov 20, 2002
    Since KAV is an excellent AV/AT, you would probably be duplicating that layer of protection. You would be adding unique layers of protection by going with Process Guard and Port Explorer. (I have TDS-3 licenses, but BOClean is my live AT).

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  3. Dazed_and_Confused

    Dazed_and_Confused Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2004
    I heard that too. But I purchased TDS-3 and can't be more happy, and I find it easy to use after a couple days of practice. The interface might be more cumbersome, but I believe that is primarily because it has more utility and functionality.

    That would be overkill, IMO. Just pick one. You are running KAV, right? I understand it has excellend AT detection. You might not need a separate AT. Edit: But I believe in layered protection, so I would choose one. ;)
    You can see exactly what apps are connecting in real-time, and to where. I do use it occassionally, but not that often. If you run across a lot of malware, I would recommend it. Otherwise, you can get a freebie that gives you the basics.

    I would definately recommend Process Guard. This one is a must. I used to use Abtrusion Protector (freebie), but found PG to be superior. I also use WormGuard. Lots of those guys floating around these days....

    All of the DCS apps offer a free trial. At least try them out. You will not be disappointed. And the support is next to none. :)
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  4. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hi there, and welcome to the forum.
    The various DiamondCS programs add to each other, there is but little overlap.

    ProcessGuard to protect all your processes from the kernel to all you want up from there

    TDS with the on demand scan and exec protection to protect against executing malicious code, network tools, plugins and lot more.
    TDS is still very easy to use though if you start it as a on demand scanner.
    Originally detecting trojans, and worms, keyloggers, dialers, adware, spyware, everything with trojan code.
    TDS-3 registered users will be upgraded to TDS-4 for free.

    WormGuard detecting and protecting against malicious worms and scripts, macros, suspicious embedded code, double extensions, etc
    WG-3 registered users will be upgraed to WG-4 for free.

    Port Explorer to see about realtime every connection to and from your system and which application is responsible for that, including possible trojan servers, intrusions, ability to spy on data packets and throttle the stream, disable sending and/or receiving, or kill the connection completely.

    CryptoSuite to protect you data with encryption and secure wiping, includes an encrypted chatbox/messaging system for immediatele pc-2-pc messaging without a far away server.

    On the site lots more tools.

    Keep your KAV for the virus detection and for what more you like it, resident protection at the moment. It runs excellent beside TDS and the other products. With this you have a top notch protection, with the other tools you have already.
    Try them out and enjoy, come with your questions if there is anything.
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