Webinar: Maintaining Productivity During Network Virus Attacks

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    May 24, 2002
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    Trend Micro invites you to attend a free, one-hour webinar on November 16 at 11:00 am PST entitled “Maintaining Productivity During Network Virus Attacks: A Proactive Strategy”.

    During this informative Webinar Bob Hansmann, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Client, Server, and Network Security Products at Trend Micro, will discuss:

    * The nature of Network Viruses/Worms and the relative threat they pose to your network, where they come from and what form they are likely to take next
    * Why Network Viruses like Nimda, Code_Red, MS_Blaster, SQL_Slammer and Sasser are different from traditional viruses, and where traditional approaches fail
    * An effective protection strategy with both proactive and reactive components - one that addresses the specific nature of the Network Virus yet integrates smoothly with an overall protection strategy

    Hansmann’s background in the security and disaster recovery industries spans two decades of work with business and government sectors. His extensive involvement in planning for threat avoidance, risk mitigation, as well as disaster recovery give a solid, real-world background to the security information he offers attendees.

    * Register for the Webinar

    **Open to residents of the U.S. & Canada
Thread Status:
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