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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by pwr, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Dec 1, 2006
    I run win7 64bit ultimate, and I was installing the Supreme Commander standalone expansion. During install it went onto install directx. Now the game is from 2007, so I found it very odd that that step took so damn long. Normally directx only install missing files (like some old directx files that the game might need).

    It was taking very long (10 minutes or more), so I kind of lost interest in even trying the game lol.

    Well after it had finished installing, I jumped into a game of MW2 instead. The game was very choppy with multiple tearings across the screen.

    My first thought was "OMG it was that weird directx install!".

    So I uninstalled the Supreme Commander game. But since you can't really uninstall directx - I did a system restore.

    After the machine had booted back up, I checked in MW2 and the tearing had gone. PHEW!

    But! Firefox had completely stopped working correctly! I just sits at a blank screen, and won't connect to any sites.

    After playing around with firefox I found that if I disabled noscript it would at least connect to sites, but sites that use javascript no longer work. Even if I enable javascript in firefox/reinstall noscript etc. etc. nothing works.

    Anyone else run into something like this, or could explain why system restore would screw up firefoxo_O makes no sense.

Thread Status:
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