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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by thetraian, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. thetraian

    thetraian Registered Member

    Nov 24, 2008
    hi, i installed DD10 on ms windows vista (x64) on my laptop (dell inspiron 1720).
    i have 2 x hdd (each hdd=250gb).
    on disk1 (c: ) i have the OS, and the disk2 was already partitioned before (1 small partition of 20gb and the other 230gb, D: and E: ).
    i used dd10 to delete the 20gb partition and to merge it with the 230gb one (basicly i wanted no partitions, i wanted both hdd to be as they were disk1 = 250gb and disk2=250gb). i applied the changes and DD asked for a reboot for the operations to complete. after reboot vista loading screen appeared and then black screen for a couple of minutes, then another reboot.
    after this reboot vista refuses to load, only a cursor appears on top left of my screen, doesn't say anything, like no OS found, insert disk etc..
    i tried to reinstall an OS (vista again),the setup sees the 2 disks (they are now how i wanted them, each 250gb) but it says that they are not vista compatible.
    i tried to use repair windows startup from vista install setup but no success.
    i'd like to know what i did wrong and how i can repair the boot sector on my laptop (because i think that's where is the problem).
    i find it quite strange because i didn't modify the OS disk, i modified only the disk2 (non boot, no OS on it) :(
  2. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    Nov 3, 2006
    Are you trying to save anything on either drive or are you just trying to get Vista installed again?

    When you tried to reinstall Vista, did you have Vista delete the existing partition(s) first and create new ones?


    In my opinion, the Merge and Split options should be avoided. They often cause more trouble than they're worth. Also, it's usually best to perform these types of procedures when booted to the DD CD instead of starting the procedure from Windows.
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