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  1. LockBox

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    Nov 20, 2004
    Here, There and Everywhere
    Software & Services has become an imaging and virtualization forum. (8 of 14 top threads are one or the other). Great topics, so why not a forum of its own? Why do the mods quickly shut off these questions and act like discussing this is a state secret and admonish the questioner for discussing something that (for some reason) should not be discussed on the board.? It's like someone is being stubborn, refusing a Virtualization and Imaging forum (or just Virtualization) just because someone suggested it from the "rank and file" and this IS NOT a democracy, (as we are often reminded). Wilder's admin and mods do a GREAT job, but the refusal to even discuss the possibility of adding a forum such as mentioned seems odd. It would SHOCK me to see a thread, "Members: What Do You Think?" and hear the pros and cons of a Virtualization Forum. Instead, we are always told that administration makes these decisions, this isn't a democracy, and if and when administration decides we need a new forum they will add it. Thread locked and/or post deleted. We ARE a community here, without the members, administration would have nothing to administrate. Again, good job, but I hope you would consider this and hopefully, not feel threatened that a mere member might suggest something that (God forbid) might be a good idea and it didn't originate within administration. And discussing it in the forum seems logical - not something to quickly shut down. Why NOT hear the thoughts? Good, bad or indifferent, it could help administration make a decision with a lot of good feedback. Just a thought meant with good intention.
  2. BlueZannetti

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    Oct 19, 2003
    As was already posted here, the same points apply.

    The details of site operations (and that spans thread/post moderation, subforums present, organization, etc.) simply aren't topics that are open for general discussion. As always, if you have thoughts or comments, they are welcome and should be directed to an admin by PM.

    With that, this thread is closed.

Thread Status:
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