VirtualBox and VPC additions, having it both ways.

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    Regarding the statement in the specifically
    "DO NOT INSTALL VirtualBox Additions. NEVER." Like so many other security issues, the choice is between security and convenience. I'd like to share an idea that I use with VPC for this problem. Since it was off topic there, I opted to make a separate thread. First off, I don't know how the additions for VirtualBox and the old versions of VPC compare. On this version of VPC, the additions install to the guest systems. If VirtualBox works the same way, this method might be useful to some of you.

    I'm rebuilding a virtual XP system that is not integrated with the host, no clipboard or direct file sharing with the host. This unit will never connect directly to the web. All traffic is forced through Tor, including the activation. At the same time, I want to be able to transfer files between this guest and the host system. I built a dual-boot virtual system using XP-Pro and 98SE, each using its own virtual hard drive. Each hard drive is individually bootable if the other is not present. The 98 system, which has no internet access, uses Paragon NTFS for 98, giving it full read/write access to XP. The VPC additions are installed to the 98 system only. Combined with NTFS for 98, it allows me to drag and drop files to and from the host to the virtual XP, but only when the guest is booted to 98. When the guest system rebooted to XP, it's isolated. Although not a convenient as using the additions directly, it gives to the ability to transfer files and still maintain most of the isolation.