Vertical white line takes over my desktop

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by poirot, Nov 6, 2007.

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    May 4, 2005
    Yesterday i suddenly noticed a vertical white line permanently showing one cm to the left side from the screen border of my notebook.

    Notebook is HP Pavilion 8080,almost 3 years old-
    ATI graphic card X-600 256MB dedicated-

    I immediately suspected a video card damage due to Registry cleaning and proceeded to reinstall a 8 hrs old image via Acronis 8:
    i was immensely relieved when ,right after the reinstall, the whitish line disappeared completely, i had in the meantime googled and found that many other HP customers had a similar problem after 1-3 years of use,
    a problem dubbed by HP as a 'normal wear and tear', which cost the unfortunate guys around €400 just to have a look, whereas other had solved by substituting the so called 'inverter',when found.

    My joy lasted only an hour,though,as the b...line came back like before,showing its not an OS problem.

    The notebook is generally super fine and well kept, the only different thing i did with it was using for a while a SIM based Express Card connection and keeping the battery in use during last month, contrary to my usual practice of removing it for long periods.

    As a last resort i went to HP and reinstalled the Graphic card,to no avail.
    I am now forced to keep this white vertical line at the left side of my desktop,which, luckily,is a 17"4,so i could keep windows a bit shorter with no hassle, but i fear that this is just the beginning.....
    I am puzzled because if it is an hardware problem of the screen,why it was fixed by installing a previous image, albeit only temporarily?
    Anyone has any idea?
    I'd be extremely grateful for any hint.

    Edit- i must add i wanted to provide an image of the line in question,but when i took a .jpeg image on a dark background in order to make it more evident this line is not really showing.....its not visible in the taken screenshot.......i dont know why.

    XP Home,ProSecurity 1.30,Comodo 2.4,Boclean,Returnil,Acronis8.
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