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  1. tonyjl

    tonyjl Registered Member

    May 25, 2004
    Hi guys.

    Just downloaded two scripts that i thought might be useful.

    'GuardStartUpProcesss' - Monitors for startup progs for a set amount of time (60s at the mo) compares to log file,alerts if anything new starts up.

    'MonitorEventLogs' - Monitors Event Viewer logs and gives an alert if you get any 'Serious Errors' (type 1).

    The guy who made them (goes by the name of 'Didorno') says to place them (or a link to them) in your startup folder.

    The problem i have is that AD has some sort of problem with these scripts,i've run them normally,they work,do what they're supposed to,but i think there is something in the scripts that is stopping me from using the cmd line. :ouch:

    e.g- "c:\windows\system32\wscript.exe" "d:\misc\vbscript\scripts\guardstartupprocesses.vbs"

    I'm trying to use that cmd line so don't have to manually allow them at every boot. I have other scripts that i use cmd lines with,and they all run fine,but i keep getting the pop-up box with these two. o_O

    I've tried linking them,using a copy,the original,putting an entry in 'RUN' key in the registy,even running them normally i have to manually allow every time.

    Any help/insight would be great.

    I would attach the files but i can't remember the forum policies of hand about attaching this sort of thingo_O ,but if you'd like at look them,i'll zip 'em up and post for ya.
Thread Status:
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